Who’s helping Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti is a terrible tragedy…

It made me angry when I saw some deranged fanatics from several ‘leading’ religions had used it to further their religious propaganda:  Christian, Muslim (sorry – can’t find the link right now…) and AGW Warm-monger alike.  It just goes to show that the religious fundamentalists are pretty much alike, regardless of the specific religion:  whatever happens, they see is as proof that their particular set of beliefs is the absolute truth!

Nuts aside, it is great to see that ‘regular people’ are responding to the tragedy and helping.

Regardless of anything else, when something this bad happens, people from all over the world send help – and so it should be.

So, who is helping Haiti, and how much?

I came across this interesting chart on Dvorak Uncensored:

Interesting, isn’t it?