Catching up…

Again, I apologize for the lack of new posts lately:  it seems that just before I manage to actually recover from some bug, I catch another….  This last one included high fevers, so while I did a lot of ‘philosophising’, I didn’t even open up my computer for days on end.  And while there is a real danger in trying to post before all the fever is fully gone (things make WAY more sense in my feverish brain than when I read them later), there is SO much that needs to be ‘caught up’ on, I do not quite know where to start.

I’ll just try to touch on at least a few diverse topics…

  • Irish blasphemy against free speech

1. January, 2010, the new Irish anti-blaspemy law came into force.  This one is straight out sur-real….   Just  months after the Irish representative stood up in the UN to lecture the Islamic nations on the fundamental incompatibility of laws against blasphemy with our Western culture, rooted in the freedom of speech, thought and religion, Ireland goes and imposes just such a law….and, not to appease Christians, but from fear of Islamist retribution!

  • Swine-flu Swindle

I have been very, very restrained when commenting on the whole swine-flu thing:  from the fear-mongering, partial information, the vaccines released before the results of the studies to see if they are safe were even collected – much less analyzed, the recall of ‘ineffective’ vaccines most of which had already been administered to hundreds of thousands of children….  Well, the list of outrageous ‘stuff’ is long – and, I was very, very good and restrained myself from commenting on almost all of it while it was happening.


I was waiting for the inevitable!

OK – one day, may be, I’ll write a little bit of what I know about the serious decline of proper scientific procedures in medical research:  the scope of it is truly, well, shall we say, ‘uncomfortable to contemplate’….   This ‘swine-flu swindle’ thing is just a little pimple on its bottom.

  • Caledonia

If you are unfamiliar with the events, you may find it difficult to believe the depths of depravity that this affair had sunk to.  A native group disputed some land, claiming that despite a valid deed, the land ought to be theirs – fine, that is their right.   What followed – not so nice.  The native terrorists – that IS what this particular group of thugs was, and is – occupied the disputed land AS WELL AS NEIGHBOURING AREAS.  As in, areas which were not disputed to be their land.  And, they terrorized the inhabitants, limited their access to their homes – well, the details are unbelievable….but, testified to in courts!

What was, perhaps, the most shameful chapter in this has been the conduct of the OPP.  They failed, over and over, to uphold the law.  They refused to answer 9-1-1 calls for help from residents in the occupied territories.  And, when law-abiding citizens who happened to be white-skinned wanted to go to their homes against the wishes of the occupying forces, they arrested the citizens, instead of upholding their right of free travel to their property!

My husband and I have had heated discussions about the role of individual OPP officers in this situation:  while he thinks that if the order comes not to interfere with the native protesters, their hands are tied into inaction, I maintain that any order not to uphold the laws of the land is an illegal order, and every single police officer who obeys an illegal order is guilty as hell and MUST be prosecuted to the fullness of the law…

Now, the OPP commissioner himself, Julian Fantino, has been charged with trying to influence elected officials (bully the town council)…  What a nightmare!

  • Torture

This is the `Canadian`story, not the ‘American’ one….

Perhaps what we need – before we engage in a constructive discussion on this topic – to define what ‘torture’ means….here, there, everywhere….  Because until we do, this discussion will be nothing but a peeeing contest between the various parties, with our troops stuck in the middle.  And, when someone gets stuck in between a few sides having a peeing contest, they are bound to get wet!

There  is SOOOO way much more that I ought to be commenting on and bringing up….there is correspondence and comments I ought to be replying properly to….  Yet, it seems that whenever I have long bouts of fevers, I start to go all philosophical.

All in its time!