If we don’t stand up for our right to be offended…

In Canada, we have freedom of speech!

At least, that is what our Constitution says….though many bureaucrats, apartchiks and pseudo-activists would like us to believe otherwise.   Don’t let them fool you!

…because each and every one of us has ‘the right to BE OFFENDED’ !!!


‘Being offended’ is a very human, emotional, natural reaction!

Nobody, truly nobody, has the right to dictate to you what you may – or may not – be offended by!

However, if we permit the government to silence speech that ‘offends’ some people, it paves the road for the government to not only regulate speech, but to also dictate what we MAY – or MAY NOT – be offended by!

Yes – if we permit the government to ban speech which ‘offends’ – or, as the abominable Section 13 puts it, ‘IS LIKELY TO OFFEND’ – we are, in a very real sense, permitting the government to regulate both our speech and our emotional reactions to ‘stuff’!

Think about it – it is the logical extension:  if the government regulates speech and ‘protects’ you from anything ‘bad’ which ‘might be likely to’ generate negative feelings of any kind – then you no longer have the right to ‘be offended’ by this ‘sanitized’ speech….  After all, it has been ‘filtered’ in the most rigorous manner to remove all ‘offensive’ things – so, if it is spoken, it cannot possibly cause you to react in a negative manner, to cause negative feelings in you!

If the message is ‘fine’ (approved), and you still react negatively to it, feel bad or – get offended by it – the  there has GOT to be something wrong with YOU!

….nothing a re-education camp ‘sensitivity training’ could not fix!

All ‘pubic entertainment’ – as well as ‘political discourse’ – might just be limited to ‘acts’ like this:

P.S. – This is NOT a diss at the Arrogant Worms –  they have enough ‘bits’ that would also be banned.  This one simply demonstrates ‘the limits’ of my point…

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