Pat Condell: “Freedom is my religion”

One Response to “Pat Condell: “Freedom is my religion””

  1. Emma Says:

    “European superstate”? I’m not honestly sure what he means by that!
    His overall point about making excuses for religious practices is indisputably a good one, though. And I laughed quite a lot during his video as well, despite the slightly aggressive style of delivery 🙂 Thanks for the little injection of skepticism there x

    Xanthippa says:

    Glad to be of service!

    P.S. The ‘European Superstate’ he means is the EU – European Union. There are serious issues with it, including its constitution (the Treaty of Lisbon, which forbids ‘persecution’ of people for being pedophiles) and its basic governance structure, which makes bureaucracy superior to any elected (and thus accountable) officials.

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