Dalton McGuinty’s EA attempts to intimidate Debbie Jodoin

Saturday, August 28th 2010, there was a rally in front of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s constituency office in Ottawa to protest the crushing tax burden, the illegal eco-taxes (which the McGuinty’s Liberals have partially pulled and are re-thinking, finding another way to impose them which could not be as blatantly unconstitutional).  The pictures from this protest are here and here (coming).

This is the third protest in the series organized by Debbie Jodoin and Shirley Mosely – two feisty ladies who are simply fed up with the contempt with which the Ontario government is treating us, Ontarians. In fact, Debbie Jodoin is so fed up, she has decided to seek the nomination by the Conservative Party of Ontario to run against Premier Dalton McGuinty ( in his riding) during the next Provincial election!

Debbie and Shirley have taken out all the proper permits for each and every one of the three demonstrations (and I expect the pattern to follow for the next protest, which will be held at Jim Watson’s office on September 18th, 12 noon to 2 p.m.).  There was no problem at either of the first two protest rallies – with the police (who had a presence at the first protest, 2 squad cars with 2 cops each – watching and making sure we did not block traffic or break any other rules, but who were absolutely invisible at the second protest – the one where an MPP and the media cameras were present) or with the businesses.

At this third protest rally, there was a police presence.  Not only were there 2 squad cars (with two cops apiece), there was also a police paddy-wagon!

I suppose all of us regular citizens protesting the illegal taxation the McGuinty Liberals are imposing on us  are likely to be in need of being dragged off by the police!

But, that is not all.

Debbie Jodoin – and each and every one of her co-workers, including her employer – received an intimidating letter in the vein of the A. Houle letter to Ann Coulter before her speech at Ottawa University!

In a private email to me, Debbie Jodoin has described (she was in a rush – she is going out of town on a business trip)  the concerns leading up to the protest:

“It was Dalton EA that sent the email message . Point is we had our first ECO TAX rally there a few weeks back with 500 people and the police and businesses there had no complaints . Point is we always get a city permit and they have the instructions on it and I will send it to you via email as well.

One business even let us use his washroom! I took it upon myself to phone this gentleman and thank him and once again ask for use of his washroom and perhaps give him 25 dollars for some electricity to run our sound systemThe gentleman had no problem that I believe was on a Tuesday with the call coming from my workplace on my lunch hour.

On Friday morning this business owner phoned my work and told the staff that we could use his washrooms but could not use any power as he did not want to get involved in this.In this ! one now asks why would he say that, until I recieved the email that was sent to me and all my co-workers at our place or work to give me instructions on how to behave there etc through his email.

So now the scenario fits ..Mr Fraser the EA took it upon himself to speak to all these businesses or I should assume he did to ask them how concerned they were about another rally gearing up outside their business and stirred the pot . This is typical of Dalton and the gang.

Brendan McGuinty was not there …the first Rally DAVID McGuinty sat in his car and watched the rally ..then they had David Suzki write and article on how wrong we are to fight the ECO TAX.. 2nd rally at Chiarelli’s office we had a call the friday before from a MP ;s office in the same bldg of Chiarellies that was being called and asked us to show respect to the businesses in the mall and not to block there business.And then whamo we get this phone call and email from McGunity’s office.”

So, what was in this email?  The email that was sent to Debbie Jodoin, each and every one of her co-workers as well as her employer?

Here is the full wording of the email:

From: Fraser_John <jfraser@liberal.ola.org>
To: Clarke, Rob – M.P.
Cc: Clarke, Rob – Assistant 1; Clarke, Rob – Assistant 2; Clarke, Rob – Assistant 3
Sent: Fri Aug 27 15:12:22 2010
Subject: Attention Debbie Jodoin – My apologies if anyone receives this email in error.

Ms. Jodoin ,
It has been brought to my attention that you are organizing a rally/protest outside our constituency office tomorrow. I think we can agree that free speech and the right to assemble are both a privilege and a cornerstone of our democracy. I am sending you this note to ensure you aware of the concerns of our neighbours.

As the organizer of the rally/protest I am sure that you have made arrangements to ensure a safe event for everyone involved. I do want to encourage you and the citizens participating in your rally/protest to have respect for our neighbours at the Kilborn Plaza. Our neighbours are small business owners who depend on parking and easy access for their customers, many of whom are seniors.

Out of respect for our neighbours, I would ask that you urge the participants to:

  • Avoid using the parking directly in the lane directly in front of the store fronts. There is parking on the side and back of the mall that is easily accessed.
  • Understand the mall’s businesses depend on a smooth flow on both the sidewalk and lane directly in front of the stores.
  • Ensure that the entrances to the mall are not blocked so the mall’s customers can have easy access to parking.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.John Fraser
Executive Assistant
Office of Dalton McGuinty, MPP

All the rules and conditions that the protesters have to abide by are listed on the City of Ottawa permit, which Debbie had taken out for the protest.  Therefore, she is quite familiar with them.

So, why should Dalton McGuinty’s EA take it upon himself to remind her of these?

This is between Ms. Jodoin and the City of Ottawa – who granted her the permit.  The Provincial government has absolutely no jurisdiction in this.  Yet, Dalton McGuinty’s EA had taken it upon himself to remind Ms. Jodoin (who is about to challenge Mr. McGuinty for his seat) as well as her employer and her co-workers of all this!

Add to this the fact that one of the merchants in the strip mall actually felt intimidated enough to not want to ‘get involved in this’ – and you will begin to get a picture  how these crooks work!

Just prior to the protest, this video captures an exchange between Ms. Jodoin and a man whom I presume to be Mr. Fraser:

But, perhaps THE most important phrase in that letter is:

“I think we can agree that free speech and the right to assemble are both a privilege …”

No, Mr. Fraser, we cannot agree that freedom of speech and the right to assemble are both a privilege!


These are fundamental rights and freedoms, inherent to each human being and so recognized in our Constitution!

Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly ARE NOT PRIVILEGES!

The very fact that you think so – and that you seem to expect that we will agree – shows to us the depth of depravity that the McGuintyLiberal government has sunk to!

Shame on you all!

9 Responses to “Dalton McGuinty’s EA attempts to intimidate Debbie Jodoin”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Ha! You and I gagged on the same piece of venomous tripe:

    “free speech and the right to assemble are both a privilege and a cornerstone of our democracy”

    privilege: a special advantage, benefit, or exemption, selectively granted to some but denied to many.

    right: a freedom, entitlement, or immunity, so fundamental to human nature it cannot be taken away or given up.

    Sadly, the whole Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is an Orwellian Trojan Horse, hand crafted to make rights appear to be privileges, and to make them appear to belong to collectives instead of individuals.

    Reverence for inalienable individual rights is the cornerstone of a free and just society – without which, democracy is just mob rule in disguise.

    A right is not what someone gives you, it’s what no one can take away from you.

    — Ramsey Clark, U.S. Attorney General, 1967-1969

  2. Calculus Says:

    PRIVILEGE!?!? It’s 8:26 AM and I am back from vacation, and that one word has sent my blood a-boiling.

  3. CodeSlinger Says:


    Another disgusting and reprehensible aspect of this communication is its attempt to circumscribe the demonstrations and minimize their impact. The message is unmistakable, despite the veiled slyness of its delivery:

    “We will allow you to demonstrate, but only if you remain meek and don’t get in the way.”

    This defeats the entire purpose of a demonstration!

    The whole point is to get in the way!

    Our response must be bold and clear:

    We are fed up with your lying thievery and we are going to stand here in the way and not permit business to go on as if there is no problem – and we are going to keep it up until you mend your despicable ways!

    This is NOT business as usual! This is a protest!

  4. Steynian 421rd « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    […] IDIOT PREMIER Dalton McGuinty’s office: ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a PRIVILEGE!; also Dalton McGuinty’s EA attempts to intimidate Debbie Jodoin …. […]

  5. Jumpin' Jiminy Says:

    A bit over the top with the yelling and the “talk to the hand” bit. More like a Jerry Springer guest than a reasonable protester.

    McGuinty is a terrible premier and his employee made a big gaffe by referring to free speech as a “privliege” rather than a right, but there really wan’t anything intimidating about the email. It was nothing like the idiot Houle’s one to Ann Coulter.

    This all looks like political theatre to me and not much more. McGuinty is vulnerable, but the Tories are going to have to produce a better canidate than Debbie Jodoin if this performance is any indication of her capabilities.

    “Talk to the hand” ?


    Xanthippa says:

    The office of the Premier sending a letter saying ‘be mindful not to break the law’ – which in itself suggests the Premier’s office thinks she is likely to, otherwise they would not need to ‘warn’ her – not just to a citizen’s own email address, but also knowingly sending it to her employer – well, that IS intimidation.

    Sorry, but I do think that the intent was to suggest not to her, but to her EMPLOYER that this citizens is not ‘law abiding enough’ and needs reminders not to become a criminal. Most employers would ‘take note’ of a letter like this, even if just to avoid having ‘problems’ dealing with the government because one of their employees is such a potential risk.

    So, yes, the letter is not identical to the ‘Houle-Coulter’ one.

    The intimidation is of a different form.

    But it is there!

  6. Lori Says:

    I’m not impressed. Show that exchange to 10 random citizens, and I don’t think they will be impressed either by Debbie’s yelling and hectoring. It’s childish and out of control. It makes the other guy look good. It makes Debbie look like the bully, which in the greater context of course she is not.

    If we are to get traction for the anti-McGuinty nanny state message we have to look a bit more rational and grown up.

    Obviously the letter was inappropriate, but the over-the-top response was not helpful.

  7. A letter from Afghanistan to Dalton McGuinty’s EA « Xanthippa's Chamberpot Says:

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  8. KJ Says:

    Dimwit Dalton is done for.Get out and vote PC so we can get rid of this imbecile.

  9. Mark Says:

    I was pretty much on ol’ Deb’s side until the “talk to the hand” bit came out. She should have invested more into out witting Fraser instead of over powering him with such a loud, angry out burst. The mentality displayed is synonymous with McGuinty’s approach to govern, i.e, my way and I do not listen to anyone. We all want McGuinty gone but must afford ourselves better methods to deliver that message than what appeared in that video.

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