On a lighter note: Semper ubi sub ubi!

Puns are, indisputably, the highest form of humour!

Playing in different languages is a bonus.  Let me give you an example:

“Semper ubi sub ubi!” is just a load of the proverbial ‘Dingo’s kidneys’ in Latin:  ‘semper’ = ‘always’, ‘ubi’ = ‘where’ and ‘sub’ = ‘under’.

Yet, say “Always where under where!” out loud in English – and you get a giggle!

*   *   *

Since skates were invented in Brussels, the Czech word for ‘skates’ is ‘brusle’.

The Czech word for ‘he is skating’ (yes, they squeeze all this grammar into one word) is ‘brusli’.  Pronunciation:  the first syllable ‘bru-‘ is pronounced like the word ‘brew’; the second syllable ‘-sli’ is pronounced long, like ‘sleet’ – but without the ‘t’.

In the following video (an ad – so ignore the voice-over at the end), a woman asks a by-stander to please take a photo of her and her son – today is the first time he is skating……the rest is self-explanatory and, in my never-humble-opinion, rather punny!

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