When bloggers do more investigative journalism than actual, ahmmmm, journalists

BCF does it again…

You might as well laugh as cry!

Talking about using humour to relieve the pressure of a stressful situation:  have you ever noticed just how similar the name ‘Delic’ is to ‘Dalek’?  Considering ‘Delic’ is trans-scribed from a different alphabet (one without really expressing vowels, to boot), it makes me wonder if Imam Delik ever walks around saying:  “Exterminate!  Exterminate!”

The origin and nature of human rights

This is an excellent series of videos which explain the how different ideas about the where human rights originate affects how we think of them and how we think human rights ought to be exercised.

Yes, I have posted these in the past.  However, the versions I had linked have since been found to have violated copyright by putting some music in the background of the videos without proper permission.  The whole audio, including the spoken voice, has therefore been pulled from them.

Rather than edit the old post to insert these links – with functioning audio – I decided to re-post the videos again.  If you have seen these before, my apologies.


Part 1:  The Nature and Origin of Human Rights

Part 2:  Group Supremacy

Part 3:  Coercion vs Freedom

Part 4:  Equality and Inequality under the Law

Part 5:  The Role of Government