White Poppy Campaign: plans to desecrate the National War Memorial on Rememberance Day

Where:  National War Memorial

When:  11th of November, 2010

Time:  12:30 pm

What:  Come and protect the National War Memorial from desecration

The ‘White Poppy Campaign’ is out in force again: Ian Harvey of the Ottawa White Poppy Coalition announced that they are planning to lay a wreath of White Poppies at the National War Memorial this Remembrance Day.

They have done it last year, and the year before that….

….after the official ceremony, of course.  More precisely, at 12:30 pm.


Vince McDermott reports in the National Post:

“The red Legion poppy, in my opinion, represents the nostalgia and romanticizing of war,” said Ian Harvey, an activist in the Ottawa White Poppy Coalition. “We should remember that you don’t have to go to war to get peace.”


The ‘White Poppies for a Culture of Peace’ website explains their philosophy:

How many people is it acceptable to kill, or maim, or chase out of their homes, so that we can live in comfort?


I, for one, will take the advice of a caller to the Lowell Green show on CFRA today.  I will come to the War Memorial, this Remembrance Day, and stay until 12:30.  When these people attempt to desecrate the memories of all those who sacrificed of themselves so that we may live, I will stand in their way.  Peacefully, but firmly (and not necessarily quietly…).

Hopefully, enough of us will come to form a protective wall.

If these ‘White Poppy Coalition’ people truly believe in the principles of non-violence, they will not attempt to use force against us:  either the force of their own hands or the force in the form of civil authorities.

The Veterans have done for us.

Now, it is time for us to do for them!