Ron Paul says what I said: the airport groping and x-raying has to stop!

Listen to the man:

  • private property should be protected by private individuals – not the government
  • remove immunity from government agents to grope us and take x-rays of us:  if an ordinary citizen does not have the right to do something, then the government does not have that right either
  • the duty of the government is to protect our rights – not to abuse them in the name of safety
  • buying an airplane ticket does not mean you are relinquishing your rights
  • we are not safer by sacrificing our liberty

Sound familiar?

He also points out something I have said in comments to other blogs, though not blogged here:  putting a loaded gun into the cockpit has been much more effective at curtailing air-terrorism than all  the airport procedures put together!

(OK – I’ve gone further in my comments on other blogs, if not here:  if every adult passenger were required to be certified in the use of firearms and carried a loaded gun on the airplane, we would not only be much safer, we would also be empowered to protect us and our families instead of being treated like cattle waiting for slaughter, hoping it’ll happen later rather than sooner!  It’s about time we started accepting the responsibility for our own safety instead of hoping someone else will do it for us .)

H/T:  Dvorak Uncensored

Update:  MDs and scientists warn that the full body scanners are unsafe and were not properly tested

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