Gratuitous Rabbit Photos

This seems like an appropriate day for some gratuitous photos of the smartest, cutest rabbit ever!

Daisies are Hip Hop's favourite flowers



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One Response to “Gratuitous Rabbit Photos”

  1. MONSTER Says:

    Ya they are cute now but how about when they turn on ya.

    Xanthippa says:
    I LOVE the Monty Python movies!

    And, with the rabbit – they DO have a point….

    Rabbits CAN be very, very ferocious.

    No kidding.

    And territorial.

    Hip Hop is my son’s rabbit. And, he totally behaves as if the two of them are ‘a team’. His rabbit-hutch – without the cage bit, because he does not like the idea of being caged, EVER, so we never even set the top bit of his hutch up – is under my son’s computer table (and, yes – we are EXTREMELY careful with the electrical cables – he thinks they are a challenge to chew threw….). Hip Hop often lies in his hutch while my son is working on his computer (and I do use the word ‘working’ in the loosest possible manner).

    One time, my husband ‘got caught’ by the rabbit – he was siting at my son’s computer doing some admin stuff to it. Well, the rabbit’s reaction was immediate and clear – he attacked my husband’s feet! And bit him!

    After all, that was my son’s and his territory!

    Only after my son came, cuddled him and told him it was OK did he calm down and permit other people on that computer….

    And it is not just people.

    He totally dominates my brother-in-law’s 3 dogs (yes, all 3 at once). OK, they are not big dogs – shi tsus and a maltese mix, but the maltese mix is known for trying to pick fights with german shepherds. Yet, when we see them (holiday occassions), the rabbit ‘owns’ the carpet and the dogs dare not put a single paw on it or he charges them.

    And whenever one of the cousins comes over for a sleepover – the rabbit will try to sneak into their room at night. Then, he WILL hop on the bed, sit on their pillow and watch them the whole night! It freaks the kids out a little….

    The one time I forgot the broom in my son’s room (that is where the rabbit usually sleeps, under my son’s bed), he totally and completely snipped off every single bristle off the broom!

    So, yes – rabbits CAN be very, very ferocious!

    Still, yesterday being the start of the year of the rabbit, I thought it allright to have a little fun.

    If you like you-tube videos, check out these:
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

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