What the Jack?!?!?

Some women who come to Canada get trapped by the system – and become exploited as sex workers.

No, not all.

Some women choose to prostitute themselves – and they should be free to do so, and safely (as in, within the law, so they feel free to call police if they are robbed or assaulted – just like everyone else).

But, until our anti-prostitution laws are thrown out, some women – especially some immigrant women – will be trapped ‘by the system’ and will become, in a very real way, sex-slaves.  In ‘therapeutic massage’ places and strip clubs and so on…


Their sponsors (whom they owe money for transportation here) take away their ‘papers’ and force them to ‘work off the debt’…  Except that, once they start working in the illegal sex industry, they are told that since they broke the laws, they must continue to work as sex slaves or they would be ‘turned over to the authorities’ – something most 3rd world immigrant women fear, as they come from countries where ‘authorities’ do not treat women in jail very well.

So, while I think that prostitution should be legal – until it is, I cannot condone anyone paing for the services of 3rd world immigrants trapped in the ‘massage parlour’ sex trade.  It’s not the sex that bothers me – it is that these customers are actively helping to enslave women who would are not in this line of work voluntarily.

So much has been written about it that one would have to try very, very hard not to be aware of this.

Except, perhaps, Mr. Layton.

Or, perhaps not!

Mr. Layton – if you want to get your jollies off, good for you.  But don’t abuse the most vulnerable in our society in order to do it!!!

P.S. – I should be more clear on what I mean:  I don’t care if Mr. Layon got a massage or a massage with a ‘happy ending’ – I have a problem with the fact that he would financially support an illegal bawdy house.

Update:  things keep getting more and more incriminating.

4 Responses to “What the Jack?!?!?”

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  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    You’re absolutely right: in most cases the problem is not the sex, the problem is that the sex is illegal.

    Same with drugs: in most cases the problem is not the drug, the problem is that the drug is illegal.

    There is another similarity: those who make the real money in these businesses make a lot of money, precisely because they are illegal.

    So the really big drug dealers and pimps lobby the government to keep their line of work illegal!

    Otherwise, drug dealers would be reduced to grocers and pimps would be reduced to health club managers.

    And therefore these laws will never change as long as most people continue to obey them.

    The only possible way to get these laws changed is for the general public to ignore them en masse.

    So, while I can think of lots of good reasons to criticize Jack Layton, this isn’t one of them.

    Without straying too far from the topic, let me give you a much better reason to criticize Jack Layton: if he had his way, whores would become “sex workers.”

    They would become socialized, unionized, standardized, regulated and government inspected drones. And every reason to visit one would evaporate… it would be about as much fun as an appointment with a social worker. Or a dentist.

    Millions of Canadian women are discovering, to their great dismay, that the government makes a lousy husband.

    And if Jack Layton has his way, they will see that the government makes an even lousier pimp.

    Xanthippa says:


    what I am criticizing is the specifics of this situation – and Jack Layton’s hypocrisy!

    At about the time of the whorehouse raid, he was busily campaigning to keep ‘lap dancing’ illegal on moral grounds.

    Another bit that I learned after I posted (in the update links) is that this particular whorehouse was controlled (it is alleged) by the triads…who would videotape their customers and blackmail them later. Or, sell the info on open market for someone else to do the blackmailing…

    Many people are now openly wondering if the warning about ‘some politicians being under the influence of foreign governments – and some of Jack Layton’s more irrational positions – are indeed because of this…

  3. CodeSlinger Says:


    Yes, most of the really serious crime in Canada is controlled by Canadian branches of the Chinese triads and the British peerage, in cooperative/competitive congeries with American covert agencies. These are the people I was referring to. Our home-grown bikers are small-time amateurs by comparison.

    And yes, hypocrisy is another excellent reason to criticize Jack Layton.

    But where, oh where, shall we find a politician in present-day Canada who is not hypocritical? Or owned by the above power blocks?

    Jack Layton is definitely a guy to vote against.

    I only wish I could think of someone to vote for…

    Xanthippa says:

    Exactly, CodeSlinger!!!

    I have not yet decided whom to vote for tomorrow…

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