More thoughts about ‘Anonymous’ and the #occupy crowd

The #occupy folks are still at it – still sounding rather shrill, poorly informed and selfish.

Most are idealistic – yes, I’ll give them points for that.  (On the honesty front, that is.)

But they also sound dangerously naive and deeply ignorant.  And if we san see the historical pattern, honest idealism coupled with naivite and ignorance is usually a deadly combination.

What makes it even scarier is that some very pragmatic forces have successfully infiltrated the movement and are focusing the idealistic crowds to their own ends.  That also is a historical pattern – with grave consequences (pun intended).

Psema4 commented on my earlier post about Anonymous (where I expressed my conviction that these #occupy protests were seeded by them) where he (she?) expressed similar misgivings about Anonymous and left a link to this site:  ‘What is The Plan’.  (Thank you for bringing it to my attention!)

On the home page, there is this movie:

Was your reaction to the video similar to mine?  I think that the neo-marxist semi-anarchist drivel that we hear from the majority of the #occupy people sounds very much like the remnants of this rant…

First things first:  the video is demonstrably self-contradictory.  At about 7 1/2 minutes, it claims that there is no such thing as membership in Anonymous, while just before the 9 minute mark, it boasts it has 50 thousand members.  That is just the most easily demonstrated internal  inconsistency within the video…  There are a few more, but they would take a long time to pull out and dissect – plus I am sure most people will have picked up on them anyway.

If you find the first part of the video painfully tedious, you can skip forward a bit: ‘The Plan’ comes up at around the 8:40 mark.  As Psema4 pointed out, the pattern for ‘The Plan’ as outlined in the video would very much fit in with the #occupy ‘movement’, either as step 2 or step 3…

These people sound a lot like a bunch of insulated anarcho-marxists and elitists who want to take a shortcut to fixing what is wrong with the world.  These types of short cuts have a history of becoming very bloody and resulting in great loss of civil liberties.

As long as Anonymous had limited themselves to the role of ‘the man with no name’, I had little problem with them.  But playing Russian roulette with a revolution?  That is immoral, plain and simple.

Like CodeSlinger said:  “End well, this will not!”

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