Soon, we might be sitting around unvaccinated and in the dark

Funny, how things work out when competing ‘special interests’ collide…

A few years back, the incandescent light bulb industry was on a verge of a revolution:  a new, more energy-efficient  version of the incandescent light bulb was developed and the people who manufacture them were about to re-tool in order to produce them.  Their plans got scuttled when, jurisdiction after jurisdiction, politicians announced that they would ban ‘the incandescent light-bulb’ because of its inefficiency…

Yes, the politicians were not letting the marketplace decide.

And yes, they were not willing to differentiate between the old-style, inefficient incandescent light bulbs and the new, high-efficiency incandescent light bulbs:  they announced they planned to ban them all!!!

The natural result of this was that the manufacturers did not invest their hard-earned money in order to change the production in their factories from the old fashioned incandescent light bulb to the high-efficiency one:  there simply would not have been enough time for them to earn back their investment in the short time before ALL incandescent light bulbs will have been banned…

In a very short time – as of 2012 – it will be illegal to sell incandescent light bulbs in Ontario….despite the fact that there is no viable alternative on the market.

Oh, there are alternatives – they are just not viable…

Alternative number one is the LED light bulb.  I have recently bought the best (way more expensive) LED ‘light bulb’ the market has to offer….and, frankly, it simply does not produce anywhere near the light levels an incandescent bulb does. Quite literally, it leaves one in semi-darkness..,

The other alternative, of course, is ‘the curly bulb’ – you know, the type David Suzuki posters have been promoting for years!

Yes, they do produce ‘light’.

But, they are not an acceptable choice, for a  number of reasons…

Some people find the light they produce is ‘harsh’ and ‘uncomfortable’.

Others find the light that comes from ‘curly bulbs’ triggers their migraines.

Scientists in the UK have conclusively demonstrated that it triggers people’s immune systems to attack healthy tissues – especially in immunocompromised individuals, like, say, people with lupus (SLE) and so on.

But, EVERYONE is affected by the ‘curly bulbs’ at the end of their life-cycle:  they contain mercury!!!

Enough mercury, in fact, that if one breaks, people are advised to treat the area in which it broke as a toxic hazard area…

Soon, this could come to an end:  there is a possibility that an international treaty would ban the use of mercury in light bulbs (as well as in vaccines) in the near future!

Where this would leave us, who live in areas where the incandescent light bulbs will have been banned, is anyone’s guess.

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