Christopher Hitches: 1947-2011

What a bigger-than-life figure!

Love him or hate him, he certainly had an impact.

I’d say ‘Rest in Peace’ – but that would offend him:  he is not ‘resting’, he is dead…and somehow, I suspect he would prefer the direct word over the euphemism.

His thought-provoking, piercing wit will be missed.

He will be remembered…

…for his unflinching honesty:

…and for his investigative work:  even Pen and Teller love him!

One Response to “Christopher Hitches: 1947-2011”

  1. Derek S Says:

    despite the fact that his views SOME times have been inconsistent, changed mercurially, exaggerated to generate polemicism, i always held him at high esteem. not only for his willingness to oppose radical fundamentalism (the same book in which devotes an entire chapter to the religious uses of a pig), but also for his support the effort in Iraq, when the conventional prevailing view dogmatically asserts that we should be lenient on hostile foreign enemies.

    while i found his critiques of bill clinton to be harsh and on a double standard, i found his criticism of mother teresa to be spot-on. a sacred cow no-one was willing to touch, he slaughtered. teresa was a fraud who took a windfall of charity money, funneled it into churches, provided subpar medical services to the poor, and refused to release her financial documents.

    his willingness to be tortured via waterboarding to write an editorial about it is to be admired. unfortunately, obesity, 2-pack a day smoking, and alcoholism have shortened his life by a few decades. there will never be another hitchens.

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