Thunderf00t: a ‘moderate’ Muslim speaks out

Perhaps you have been following the free speech debate which has been happening on YouTube – or, at least, oe of them:  the one involving Thunderf00t.

Thunderf00t is a scientist who became famous on YouTube because of a series of videos he made ‘Why do people laugh at creationists’.  It took some of the more outrageous statements made/published on YouTube by Christian young-Earth creationists, contrasted their statements with reality and closed with the catch-phrase:  ‘Why do people laugh at creationists?  Only the creationists don’t know!’  (I am working from memory, so my wording may not be 100% on, but the gest is there.)

Soon, some of these young-Earth creationists took notice and began to react.  Different ones reacted differently.  Some invited him to debate them – even live.  And he did – and thesedebates are published on YouTube.

Others, however, sought to shut him up – to get his videos flagged and banned.  When they could not censor his content as ‘inappropriate’, some sought to use the copyright laws to censor him – claiming infringement where none existed.

Thunderf00t continued his videos, highlighting religious non-science nonsense as well as religious bigotry and intolerance.

Because he criticized not just Christian intolerance bur religious bigotry from all the directions he saw and experienced it, he soon came under attack from the Islamist corner.  This time, there was no invitation to debade the worth of ideas:  instead, he was doc-dropped, he and his family were publicly threatened with violence and the Univesrity where he works was bullied in an attempt to have him fired.  Oh, and his videos were flagged and accused of copyright infringment in an attempt to censor him.

So, now that you have a sketch of the background:  here is his latest video documenting his fight for free speech on the internet:

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