Ezra Levant and Pamela Geller on New York Time’s dhimmitude

All religions ought to be treated equally – and fought equally.

3 Responses to “Ezra Levant and Pamela Geller on New York Time’s dhimmitude”

  1. Ralph Musgrave Says:

    I suggest you cease having anything to do with WordPress. It’s a total pain in the a*rse. Every time I go to a site that anything to do with WordPress I get f*cked about.

    Xanthippa says:
    I’m sorry to hear that. How?

    • Ralph Musgrave Says:

      On trying to plonk a comment on your site, I was informed that I had to use my WordPress password, rather than any other. Now there is a problem there, which is that my WordPress password rarely works. I have to constantly re-new it. It works for a bit and then ceases to work.

      Anyway I got round the problem by putting in a false email address as the WordPress system recognised my email address.

      Xanthippa says:

      Ah, thank you.

      My husband was having a completely different problem: his android tablet was having trouble playing videos embeded into WordPress blogs until he went and hunted down some new drivers.

  2. Ralph Musgrave Says:

    Pamela Geller needs to get to grips with the amazing cultural gifts that Islam has to offer us: how to stone adulterers, how to kill the cartoonists and authors you don’t like, how to treat women like dirt, homophobia, etc. And then there are the amazing literary achievements of Islam: for example according to the Muslim physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy, the Arab world has translated as many books in the last thousand years as Spain does in one year.

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