An excellent set of videos explaining the theory of relativity – Part 1

With the recent findings about the Higgs boson, the interest in the scientific theories that best describe our reality has risen.

Aside:  I don’t know how true this story is, but it is amusing and for this amusement value alone that I’ll repeat it.  Why is Higgs called ‘the god particle’?  Well, it was annoyingly difficult to find.  Very annoyingly.  Annoyingly enough that when a physicist was submitting an article to a journal about yet another experiment that failed to detect it, he titled it ‘The God-damned Particle’. The journal editor, not wanting to print such potentially offensive language, had edited it to remove the ‘damned’ from the title.  Ever since, it has been known as ‘The God Particle’!

While surfing, I came across a set of excellent videos about the theory of relativity.

They seem to have struck a balance between being too difficult to follow and being simplified to the point of error.  As in, this series is neither!

The series is not yet finished – the author, ozmoroid, keeps adding more.  So, I thought I’d start posting some of the earlier videos – starting at the beginning – and slowly catch up to where he is now.


Update:  Ooops – here is the intro….


One Response to “An excellent set of videos explaining the theory of relativity – Part 1”

  1. Jim-Bob Says:

    Actually, I read on a blog somewhere that the science of relativity hasn’t been proven. Some of Einstein’s emails were leaked and at one point he used the word “trick”. I suggest you use some of your science-y skillz to put the whole theory to the test. In the meantime, we shouldn’t be acting in the world as if relativity is a real thing.

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