These boots are made for riding…

…you know, like horse-riding…

…sort of like ‘cowboys’ do…

…so it is not really all that far-fetched to call them ‘cowboy boots’!

I’m just sayin’…

A little over a year ago, I reported on a lawsuit brought by Dr. Dawg against some fine people.  If you’d like to read the details, they are here, here and here.

However, that is not the bit I am blogging about now.

Rather, it goes to credibility.

Specifically, my credibility in reporting on these events.

As part of my reporting efforts, I had described how the plaintiff, Dr. Dawg, was dressed for court:

I was curious to see John Baglow – having never laid eyes on him before.  He wore a crisp blue shirt (curiously evocative of ‘the working class’ and of ‘cowboys’ at the same time) with aviator-style sun-glasses in place of a tie, dark pants and cute black cowboy boots with the most adorable little metal trimmings.  In his hands, he held a summer-weight (possibly straw), white, fedora-type hat.  His whitish-gray mustache matched his hair and I could read nothing from the neutral expression on his face.  John Baglow, the man, remained a closed book to me.

Many people picked up on the highlighted bit (highlighted for the purposes of this post, not from before).  Dr. Dawg had attempted to cast doubt on the veracity of my reporting by stating:

‘I don’t wear cowboy boots!’

The implication was that if I could not even report accurately what he was wearing, I could not be trusted to report on the rest of the events…

I must admit, I did not know how to deal with this – so I ignored it.

Until now.

Because thanks to a tip from a friend, I came across this picture, posted by Mr. Pup-In-Boots himself!

(Sorry the screenshot is fuzzy – I simply included it for its news-worthiness and to demonstrate it existed should it become ‘dissapeared’. The resolution is much better in the picture on his site – you can even make out the adorable silver-tone metal trimmings!

Wearing the very footwear I had described him wearing to court…

…while riding a horse (or, perhaps, a pony – I am no equestrian expert)…

…like cowboys do..


UPDATE:  Dr. Dawg was kind enough to supply the model of the boots themselves.

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