Could there be more behind the MSM’s refusal to investigate the Obama administration?

Sure, many of the talking heads and most visible journalists are blatant Obama sycophants.  But, why is the refusal to investigate Obama and his administration so pervasive?

Are there really no young and eager investigative journalists who want to make a name for themselves – and to hell with ideology?

While the brainwashing most liberal arts (journalism included) students are subjected to in Colleges and Universities may account for much of it, there may be more to it than just liberalism’s willful blindness:

‘I was on the brunt end of the Obama-generated censorship while employed at CNN as an investigative correspondent.

On at least a weekly basis, and to my constant frustration, my superiors and CNN’s lawyers were quick to remind me that we need to be extra careful because “President Obama has gone after more journalists and whistleblowers than any president in history”.  The leash around my neck began to tighten.

Whether I was allowed to embark on future stories or even interview sensitive sources for potential investigations, eventually became an ‘Obama subpoena risk assessment’ and potential court cost calculation, rather than a pure evaluation of the report’s contribution to public good or our journalistic duty to cover the story.

Some of my most crucial investigations were killed before they started because they were too high a risk of an Obama subpoena.

One boss told me quote “we know how the FBI feels about your source, if we have information the FBI will want we become a target”.’

I don’t know just how reliable this blogger is, but her read-worthy post includes many links to reputable sites with material confirming her observations.

Worth thinking about…



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