Don’t get sick on the weekend – if you have to use socialized medicare…

Like here, in Canada.

A friend had a stroke on Saturday – a big one. Is paralyzed on 1/2 her body.

They did all the scans in the hospital (she’s in the ICU) – but they will not have anyone  who will look at and read them in till Monday.

Socialized medicine…America – this is coming your way!



10 Responses to “Don’t get sick on the weekend – if you have to use socialized medicare…”

  1. politicallyincorrectandnotadumbredneck Says:

    Well, at least he doesn’t have a $5000 or $10 000 co-pay to worry about when he gets home.

    • xanthippa Says:

      You mean IF!!!

      Denying us the right to purchase our own healthcare, that is a crime.

      • politicallyincorrectandnotadumbredneck Says:

        If your friend was a Yank with ptrivate insurance. Not only would he be paying several hundred dollars a month for premiums. He also has to pay 20% of whatever his visit costs. A stroke is going to cost dearly.

        Then later his premiums will rise because he is now a greater risk.

        Luckily he safely being monitored in a Canadian hospital while waiting for a specialist. This visit will cost him zero out of pocket.

        Do you know any Americans? They will confirm what i am saying.

        This is why Americans flock to the VA system if they are a Vet. Because the socialized VA doesn’t bankrupt them if something horrible like a stroke occurs.

        By the way. I am posting from a hospital bed. Had an operation yesterday. Cant sleep cause of pain and waiting for the morphine to kick in.

      • xanthippa Says:

        A cousin of mine got cancer – right here in Ottawa.

        A rare form of it – costly to treat.

        OHIP told him that they would not spend that much to treat one person.

        We, the family, offered to pay, scraping the money up from between us.

        They refused.

        By the time the haggling was over, he was dead.


        A man in his 30’s, willing to pay for medical treatment, is DEAD because bureaucrats refused to let him pay for his own medical treatment!!!

  2. politicallyincorrectandnotadumbredneck Says:

    Sorry to hear about your cousin.

    But was this denied treatment some sort of experimental treatment not approved by OHIP or Health Canada?

    Because they deny stuff like that all the time. Usually for a good reason because the are unproven.

  3. Lamproclese Says:

    There’s a lot of misconceptions about healthcare services in Canada and the US. It doesn’t help when politicians and special interests are spinning the truth to promote an agenda.
    In Canada everyone gets coverage from their provincial insurer. In the US coverage is provided by independent insurers, state authorities and a myriad of others all subsidized by the federal government. And they have many of the same issues.The US government (taxpayers) spends more per capita than the Canadian government does for healthcare. And that’s in addition to their so-called private system.
    I agree Canadians should be permitted to pay for any healthcare they want. I believe if they are able to travel, and have the money, they can.

  4. faithfulreader Says:

    What province does your friend live in? If a hospital is large enough for a CT scanner and an ICU I can assure you that there was a radiologist or resident on site or on call. I’m guessing that you were not given all of the story. Wishing your friend a speedy recovery

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