Hassled for obeying the law…


Just like the guys with guns who rounded up the Jews and loaded them onto trains:  just following orders/enforcing the laws.

It did not work as a defense then and it certainly does not work as a defense now.

Every police officer must question whether the order, or, indeed, law s/he is enforcing is indeed constitutional or if, by following it, they are actually breeching someone’s rights and infringing upon their inalienable freedoms.

If the law/order breeches someone’s human rights, yet the person still enforces it, in my never-humble-opinion, that person ought to face criminal charges.  Society needs to be protected from small-minded apartchicks like cops who hassle law-abiding citizens.

But, increasingly, the militarized police forces see us as a hostile population to be controlled instead of citizens whom they are to protect.  Thus, an empowered citizen, in their eyes, becomes an armed adversary to be ‘neutralized’.



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