Nevada Rancher Standoff Ends: Government Corruption Exposed!

If you’ve been following the Bundy Ranch fiasco, it had all the hallmarks of becoming another Ruby Ridge.

Well, here is a bit of an explanation that makes some sense.

P.S.  I despise Alex Jones and Infowars, but, in this case, he provided a valuable public service and very likely saved human lives.

My friend Elsa was told by some New Agers:

New Age Truth #1: You are where you are meant to be.
New Age Truth #2: Everything happens for a reason.
New Age Truth #3: You have chosen everything that happens to you.

These things were told her as ‘truths’ and, as an intelligent, thinking person, she found them, well, for lack of a softer yet sufficient term, idiotic.  They inspired this installment of “The This Is Not Reality’ show (remember the ‘Nicies’?), the ‘High Priestess’:



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