Pat Condell: A Special Kind of Hatred

As we remember World Holocaust Day, let’s not turn a blind eye to the rising anti-Semitic violence from Islamofascists:

2 Responses to “Pat Condell: A Special Kind of Hatred”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Pat Condell’s treatment of this subject is infinitely better than Ezra Levant’s. Condell calls a spade a spade and calls out everyone that needs to be called out, exactly for the right reasons. He names both the problem and solution correctly.

    Ezra Levant, on the other hand…

    Well, when he was crusading for freedom of speech I was behind him all the way.

    And I am just as outraged as he is by the asymmetry between the state’s treatment of Eric Brazeau and its treatment of the Calgary Muslims.

    But Levant’s reaction is exactly the wrong one.

    Instead of calling for the state to leave Brazeau alone like it left the Muslims alone, he is calling for the state to violate the Muslims like it violated Brazeau.

    What we saw in the video was a couple of little scuffles. A few guys got pushed. Big deal. Things get more boisterous at the bar on Saturday night.

    Calling this an “attack” and a “beating” and wailing for more police is beyond shameful.

    Hysterical exaggerations of this kind cast Jews in the role of cry-baby, and lead people to turn a deaf ear when real atrocities are committed against Jews.

    This is precisely the kind of hyperbole that plays right into the grasping hand of the totalitarian state, which greedily exploits every excuse to overstep its rightful boundaries.

    Thus it is corrosive to the very freedoms that Levant purports to champion.

    Yes, the contrast between the state’s treatment of Brazeau and the Muslims reveals a glaring travesty of justice.

    But the travesty is not that the state did not violate the Calgary Muslims.

    The travesty is that the state did violate Eric Brazeau.

    • xanthippa Says:

      I have an update on Brazeau:

      He got an excellent lawyer to represent him, accepting the low public defender fee as his compensation. However, he is in BC and any eventual appeal will take place in Ontario.

      A few of my friends and I are trying to raise the funds for the lawyer’s airfare to Toronto and back for the anticipated appeal hearing.

      Anyone and everyone who would like to contribute (and every dollar counts), please, send the funds directly to Jim Heller, the lawyer, making sure it is marked as going to Eric Brazeau’s defense fund:

      Jim I. Heller, Barrister & Solicitor

      2090 Chaucer St., Victoria, BC V8R 1H7

      Phone: (250) 360-1040

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