‘Inifidel Blogger Awards’ are here!!!

The second annual ‘Infidel Blog Awards’ have just opened for nominations!

Stand up proud, all you thought criminals and free minds everywhere!

And, nominate your most (and least) favourite bloggers and pundits, independent thinkers enemies of censorship and oppression for recognition of their contributions!

This year, the categories are both domestic and international, so there is fun for everyone:

  1. Best Overall International Infidel Blogger
  2. Best Overall Canadian Infidel Blogger
  3. Favourite Non-Politically Correct MSM Pundit
  4. Most Despised Politically Correct MSM Pundit
  5. Favourite Apostate Blogger or MSM Pundit
  6. Blogger or Pundit most likely to be charged under Hate Crime Laws
  7. Blogger or Pundit most likely to be assasinated by Islamists
  8. Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat in the Known Universe

And just in case you were wondering who won last year – the results are here.

So, go and annoy a censor – check out, nominate and vote for your favourite free thinkers!

Via: BCF