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My MP’s reply to my letter

A little while ago, I wrote to my MP (Member of Parliament) with some questions and concerns regarding the CHRC (Canadian Human Rights Commission).

This afternoon, I received this reply from my MP:

Thank you for taking the time to write to me with your question. I looked into it for you, and have this information from the Ministry of Justice:

· The Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal are independent agencies that administer the Canadian Human Rights Act without interference from the Government.

· The Member of Parliament from Westlock-St. Paul (Brian Storseth) brought forth a motion this Parliament asking the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to study the Commission’s mandate, operations, and its application and interpretation of section 13.

· The Committee adopted this motion. I look forward to the committee’s study of these issues, as well as the study of Professor Moon’s report.

With respect to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision, Warman v. Lemire, we cannot comment as the matter is before the court.

Warman v. Lemire:

At issue is whether the hate messages prohibition in s.13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is inconsistent with freedom of expression and other Charter rights, and whether the 1990 judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada in Taylor , which held that s.13 is constitutionally valid, should

be reconsidered as a result of the evolution of the Internet and legislative amendments.

On September 2, 2009 the Human Rights Tribunal ruled s. 13 unjustifiably infringed on the Charter, which guarantees the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression.


Pierre Poilievre, M.P. Nepean-Carleton

Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister

and to the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs


‘Cap and Trade’ – a bedtime story (revised)

Hat tip: The Reference Frame

P.S.  The original outrageous ad can be found here.

Heading up the CHRC: an explanation of my comments on Ezra’s site

Yesterday, Ms. Lynch (Chief Commissioner of our Canadian – federal – Human Rights Commission) had testified in front of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights (or something like that – I confuse easily…).  Our valiant defender of the right to not be annoyed – at the expense of the freedom of expression – was at her most patronizing!

Everyone’s favourite WebElf, Binks, has put the video on his site:  enjoy! And, he has some fun linkies tossed in, for good measure!

Walker Morrow also has all the best links on his blog, with a regular round-up of all ‘Jennifer Lynch-related’: The Lynch Mob

Of course, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant have had a few words about this, too!

Actually, Ezra Levant has a whole set of posts, as he was blogging it live!  (As were many other fine people – thanks to all of them!)  And, of course, I could not help myself:  while commenting at Mr. Levant’s site, I made a comment that can hardly be understood unless one knows some of my views on ‘things’….

Here is my comment:

OK – one more tiny little question…

If there were a job opening coming up for the head of the CHRC (as I suspect after today’s testimony, there just might be): how would one go about applying for the job?

My husband says I’d be good at it! (‘Change’ is still the ‘good’ mantra, right?)


The key here being ‘change’…. because, I do have a ‘slightly’ different idea of where the ‘balance of rights’ lies….

I do not have a passport, because as much as I am a Canadian patriot, I do not recognize the government’s jurisdiction over me on this issue.  I am not the slave (chattal) of my government, for them to issue me some ‘papers’ which permit or deny me the right to travel, inside or outside of my country!

Sorry, that is just too much of a government encroachment upon me and my person!

Nor do I believe that a government has the jurisdiction to tax people against their will.  A government only exists at the sufferance of the populace:  its role is to provide external defense and to uphold internal laws.  Citizens ought to be free to contribute to the upkeep of the government at their will – the government does not have the moral (and ought not have the legal) right to extort taxes from its citizens by coercion or force.

Do you think people would then not pay their taxes?  I think we would.  When is the last time you received an awesome service in a restaurant, and did not leave a tip?  I have certainly never skimped….provided the service was acceptable and I am known to ‘overtip’ if the service is excellent!  The same should go for taxes.

Because, if a government has the power to set the tax rate AND to FORCE the citizens to pay the taxes it sets, regardless of democracy or anything else, we will see irresponsible government spending, waste in the civil service, corruption… We all know the story!

Thus – in my never-humble-opinion – it is a gross violation of human rights and freedoms for a government to exact taxes by force of law, to collect personal information about its citizens, to issue ‘travel permits’, and so on.  And, if I were the Chief Commissar of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, my first target would be the overbloated, over-reaching, oppressive government which is smothering us, our rights, denying us our freedoms!

THAT is the ‘change’ I was referring to in my comment….

Though, my husband thinks I’d be very effective at it!


Jennifer Lynch – watch her testimony live

Today, Jennifer Lynch – the head of Canadian Human Rights Commission  – is testifying in front of the same Parliamentary Committee that Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn did.  And, her testimony will be carried live at 3 pm EST on CPAC.

It ought to be interesting!

Thanks, BCF, for sending me the link!

A new voice for Freedom of Speech

Before I started my blog, I joined a debating site (ConvinceMe) to improve my skills in presenting my point of view.

OK – so I never learned how not to be long-winded…but, I did meet some interesting people there, of all backgrounds, viewpoints and ages. One of them was a kind teen who went by the name of LoneWolf.  As the years went by, I have watched LoneWolf grow from a promising, idealistic teenager into a fine, responsible man.

People like LoneWolf give me hope for our future! Recently, LoneWolf has been in touch with me through another channel.  With his permission, here is a message he sent me (I inserted the links for clarity):

About the free speech arguements, great!! I have been leading a small, yet pretty effective underground within my community. Basically, anybody who feels the way America is forming is BAD for America has joined. Once I get proper funding, I’m hoping to make it into an interest group which can effectively lobby at congress and get RID of the corruption which plagues my fine country.

One of the things thats been on my mind as of late is the controversy of Obama bringing the fairness doctrine back into effect.( I don’t know if ever was in effect?) Anyway, me and a few friends got together in front of our city hall building and gave a few speeches, about the freedom of speecha nd what our founding father’s reallt intended for this country.

It amazes me that people feel that the best way to be safe is give more power to the government. Agh! I’m called a Christian Neo-Conservative because of both my religious beliefs and my political beliefs, but I’m really not. I’m actually a 18 year old male who really wants life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Call me a freedom fighter but without the violence some bring with the title. America’s first amendment does give us the right to assemble but peacefully.

Which reminds me! Did you hear about the college in Pittsburg that had a protest in which they vandalized shops to get the point across that our government was being unfair and should put caps on how much a person can make?! I was amazed at this. Sadly, I feel America is falling more and more down socialist avenue, and our new Captain, Barrack Obama, is the most ideal candidate to bring that sort of change to the fray.

When it comes to my studies, I’m at a crossroads with what to do. My biggets calling is the seminary. I love to preach and try to make the Word clear and understandable. However, I love law. I love understanding and practicing law. I would love to be a lawyer or even a judge. Then the final branch of the crossroads is I love politics. I really believe the current state of our government is full of old familiar corrupt faces that really need to get out of office. (I do in fact believe in term limits of senators and representatives). However I believe its time to put Sara Palin’s words last election campaign into action when it’s time to clear out the government corruption that has been stagnating within the government.

Anyway, I rant too much when I’m in the mood of a political discusion, but I really must be doing work so I’ll talk to you later.

Take care Xanni!

Lonewolf, or Will…(this really isn’t convinceme lol)

OK – I cannot help myself but to feel proud…even though I know the accomplishment is not mine, but LoneWolf’s.  Reflected glory, and all that…

Now that I found out that LoneWolf – I mean, Will – has started a blog of his own, I am glad to share it with you.  The opinions in it are honest, heart-felt, and well thought out – and not even a little bit cynical.

A breath of fresh air!

Without further ado, I give you ‘People For A Free America’!

Pat Condell: Wake up, America

Race, religion and gender: the new apartheid in Ontario’s Education System

This issue has me so angry, I apologize ahead of time for the inevitably undisciplined rant I am about to unleash on you!


Because MY Canada is colour-blind, when it comes to race!

MY Canada is gender-blind, when it comes to sexism!

AND – MY Canada is all inclusive, when it comes to children!!!

And, in my Canada, religious affiliation is irrelevant when it comes to judging a person’s record as a human being!   Thank you very much!

During the last Ontario election, I could not bring myself to vote for the Conservatives….  Their leader, John Tory, proposed a public education system which was fully segregated on the basis of religion!!!

The very suggestion that a child’s religion – or any other ‘protected grounds’, as per our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, ought to determine what school that child may or may not attend is so offensive and un-Canadian that it makes me see red!

The Conservatives lost that election:  and rightly so!!!

Aside:  Of course, before the election, I emailed my local Conservative candidate (now my MPP – Member of Provincial Parliament), Lisa MacLeod, asking her if she was indeed in favour of religious apartheid in our schools.  I still have her reply:  it angered me to no end to read that if her leader said so, she totally backed it…  (Perhaps this is the source of my dissatisfaction with my MPP – the ‘first impression’ she made on me, is rooted in this blatant sell-out of our most cherished freedoms, taking our precious children and sorting them by the accident of their birth!  I cannot trust anyone who would sacrifice our children to a doctrine or political party policy!)

And now, the Liberal Premier, Dalton McGuinty, is planning to segregate our schools by sex!  You know, like they do in Saudi Arabia!!!

OK – I need to calm down.  Perhaps it’s ‘definition time’:


Any policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

Separation, segregation <cultural apartheid> <gender apartheid>

A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

Do I need to go on?

Yes.  Ever since the British North American Act, there has been a religious apartheid in Ontario’s education:  one system for the Catholics, another for the Protestants.  Still, over the years, the ‘Protestant’ system has morphed and become secularized, separating the State from the Religion and keeping it out of the classroom.  The story is quite different when it comes to the Catholic system:  it has become known in Ontario as the SS – Separate Schools!

In my never-humble-opinion, the initials tell the story.  The very first public protest/demonstration I ever participated in was to protest the existence of the SS in our schooling!

Even the corrupt UN had recognized – and ruled – that the SS system in Ontario was in breech of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Predictably, the people of Ontario would not be complicit in this enslavement of our kids to their parent’s religious heritage.  The Liberals did not ‘win’ the election – as unbelievable it was that the universally reviled Dalton McGuinty could be re-elected, the Conservatives carefully and systematically LOST IT!

So, now, Dalton McGuinty (whose kids attend SS schools, and whose wife was a teacher in this corrupt system where government-funded religious indoctrination pollutes the minds of our children) is in power.  Complete control.  And, in no uncertain terms, he is instituting apartheid in our schools!  Apartheid of HIS own choosing!!!

Yes, he is very clear:  religious apartheid has no part in his plan.  That is how the Conservatives LOST EVERYTHING!!!

Instead, on his ‘watch’, we have seen the institution of religious apartheid in at least one school – a ‘pilot project’.

More like a ‘Pilate project!”

Unfortunately -yes.

Our school system now has – and enforces, as its ‘core policy’ – racial apartheid!!!

Here, in Ontario!

I wonder what would people like Martin Luther King, Jr. say about this policy of ‘Equal, but separate‘!!!

But, that is not evil enough for Black Boss McGuinty!

Now, he has decided that sexual segregation ought to become the norm in our schools!!!

OK – I had better stop now – I am just so angry, I cannot put a coherent sentence together.  Let me just say:  fixing our broken school system – but for boys only – is so evil, I don’t know where to start my chain of insults!!!  Sorry.

Still …

A person’s a person – no matter how small!!!

Or, how female!!!

To work, vaccines have to make you sick. Really.

Recently, I found out that a lot of people are not aware that unless a vaccine actually made you sick, it did not work!

This is due to great sloppiness:  among the media, who report on ‘medical stuff’ without bothering to inform themselves on even the bare basics of the topic they are ‘reporting on’, among the educators (including Medical-school level), many of whom do not bother to actually understand the very things they are supposed to teach (or pretend not to, because of funding), and especially among the practicing medical professionals, who seem to think we are all so stupid that it is necessary for them to manipulate the information they permit us to have, so that we’ll make ‘the right choice’!

This is right out of several ‘pages’ of my ‘pet obsessive peeves’ book:  the ‘misrepresentation of science’ book, ‘bad/ignorant reporting’ book, ‘dumbed down education’ book, ‘state fascism’ – and a few more.  And, it makes me very, very angry.  Sorry if I am ranting too much….  So, what is the cause of my rant?

Recently, many Western news outlets (MSM, of course) carried the story that giving babies Tylenol (or, indeed, any other fever-reducing/anti-inflammatory medication) right before/after they get a vaccine greatly reduces the vaccine’s effectiveness.


Why in the world would medical professionals – the very people who ‘cracked’ this amazing and life-saving process called ‘vaccination’ – need a study on something as obvious as this?  If you understand the process of how vaccines work, it is clear that taking analgesics and anti-infammatories will necessarily interfere with the very way vaccines work!

Doctors don’t know this?!?!?  D-ughh!!!

At this point, I am shaking my head and wondering where to start….

Let me walk you through the steps in process through which vaccines are supposed to work:

1. ‘Controlled Infection’

A dead or weakened version of the virus (or viruses, in case of vaccines which protect against multiple pathogens) is introduced into the body of a healthy person.  This is usually done by directly injecting the vaccine into the body or by applying them to the mucuous membranes and allowing them to permeate through there.

2. Immune system response

The immune system finds the ‘intruders’ and begins to fight them.  The methods our immune system employs in this include fever (most viruses do not reproduce effectively at higher temperatures – hence, fever is a potent weapon our immune system uses), hot-cold spells/chills (most viruses cannot handle sudden temperature changes, which is why our immune system uses this weapon to kill them…actually, this is also how the whole sauna/steam-room thing works, if performed properly:  people go get hot, then cool off extremely suddenly by rolling in snow or swimming in freezing water – and repeat this process 3x or more times within one hour: most germs will not survive these sudden temperature changes), inflammation (among other reactions, mucuous membranes try to trap germs, so this form of immune system defense may involve significant mucus generation), and so on.  In other words, the immune system will evoke all the symptoms we associate with ‘being sick’ in order to ‘learn’ this ‘germ’.

3. ‘Creating a memory’

The immune system, during this fight, ‘takes notes’, so to speak.  It creates an ‘entry’ in its ‘dangerous thingies memory bank’, where it records everything it has learned about each germ:  how to identify it (by the pattern of proteins on its ‘skin’) and how best to fight it (this may include specific antibodies the immune system ‘learned’ to produce, and the ‘systemic symptoms’ like fever, which are unpleasant but kill the germ way faster than they kill us, and so on).

4.  Future protection

A healthy immune system will keep this ‘record’ for many years, sometimes up to three decades:  the more dangerous the immune system judges the germ to be, the ‘deeper’ the ‘entry’ and the longer it will ‘remember it’ and recognize the germ, should it ever infect the body again.  This is important:  the germs which attack us will reproduce inside our body at an exponential rate.  If the immune system ‘recognizes’ the germ, it does not have to spend valuable time (sometimes days) trying to figure out how to fight it – time the germs would use to increase their number and, perhaps, overwhelm the immune system.  Instead, it can compare the ‘germ’ to its ‘database’, retrieve the information about what destroys ‘this germ’ most effectively and start fighting it very shortly after  the germ first enters the body.  This means the germ does not have time to produce millions of copies of itself before the immune system effectively destroys it – and the person is protected from a serious infection.

5.  The Trick!

Because the pathogen which was introduced through the vaccine was weakened or killed, it is not capable of reproducing (or, reproducing effectively) in the host (you).  That means that it cannot overcome your immune system while the immune system is trying to figure out how to fight it.

To sum it up:

The pathogens in the vaccine must be strong enough to make our immune systems ‘take them seriously’ and fight them (and thus ‘learn’ how to fight the full-strength germ, if it ever infects that person), but harmless enough so that they cannot overcome the immune system while it is trying to figure out what works against this germ.

This means that a vaccine which does not make your immune system go into high gear (make you ‘sick’) has not given you any protection!

So, if you get a flu shot – and you do not get ‘mild flu-like symptoms’ – the vaccine did not work!

And, if you take medication which suppresses fever, and so on, you will be directly interfering with the immune system’s ‘learning process’.  As in, the immune system will mistake the reaction to the pill for the reaction to the last thing it did to try to fight that germ!

Is it any surprise, then, that it does not ‘learn’ how to fight this pathogen effectively?

Doctors are said to still be taking the Hippocratic Oath:  ‘Do no harm’.  In a person with a healthy immune system, a vaccine will produce the symptoms of the harmful illness it is to prevent, but prevent the ‘harm’ that an actual full-strength infection would cause.

Vaccination is an important weapon in fighting disease.

But, like everything else, it can do more damage than good if it is not used properly.  If it is misrepresented and misunderstood, then people may sabotage the very process the vaccine is inducing, without knowing it.  Then, thinking they are protected, they will not act as cautiously as they might otherwise…

And that, in my never-humble-opinion, is a bad thing.

More corporate fascism for squashing freedom of speech

In my short post yesterday, Thunderf00t’s video demonstrated how easy it is for a large corporation – specifically Google, which controls how the vast majority of information on the internet is accessed – could easily collude with politicians for their own benefit…and to the detriment of us, the ‘little people’.  In addition, Thunderf00t demonstrated how, through YouTube, Google had already demonstrated that they do censor (by not allowing their search engines to ‘pick it up’ and thus making it ‘virtually dissappear’) information which is critical of them…

The desire, means and ability:  it’s all there!

Sadly, that is just the tip of the iceberg!!!

From Michael Geist:

… the Electronic Commerce Protection Act comes to a conclusion in committee on Monday as MPs conduct their “clause by clause” review. While I have previously written about the lobbying pressure to water down the legislation [to protect consumer rights] (aided and abetted by the Liberal and Bloc MPs on the committee) and the CMA’s recent effort to create a huge loophole, I have not focused on a key source of the pressure. Incredibly, it has been the copyright lobby – particularly the software and music industries – that has been engaged in a full court press to make significant changes to the bill.

The DRM [Digital Rights Managament] concern arises from a requirement in the bill to obtain consent before installing software programs on users’ computers. This anti-spyware provision applies broadly, setting an appropriate standard of protection for computer users. Yet the copyright lobby fears it could inhibit installation of DRM-type software without full knowledge and consent. Sources say that the Liberals have introduced a motion that would take these practices outside of the bill.

Even more troubling are proposed changes that would allow copyright owners to secretly access [personal] information on users’ computers.

(my emphasis and notes)

OK – let’s sum up:

Large multinational corporations are lobbying (and succeeding, with Liberal and Quebec PMs) to allow changes to the proposed  Electronic Commerce Protection Act which will permit – in the name of protecting their copyright – manufacturers of products (from video games to music CDs to just about anything else that is ‘electronic media’) to install and run programs on your computer, which would gather personal data about you and your computer use.  And, it would allow them to do it without your permission – and even without your knowledge!!!

If there really are people out there who think this is something that only concerns people who steal music or movies, please, think twice.

Do we permit the police – who, at least, are accountable to the citizenry – to wiretap our phone ‘just to make sure we are not breaking the law’?  NO!  They must prove, to the satisfaction of a judge, that there is a cause for surveillance, get a court order, and only then can they listen in.  If it ever gets to court, the police are obligated to disclose all that they have.  And, so it should be.

This lobbied-for change would, in effect, permit private corporations – who are not accountable to anyone but their own BOD and shareholders – to ‘wiretap’ your computer, monitor every keystroke, access data in every bit of memory.  Without any judicial oversight, without any requirement that they disclose the information they collected – or what it was they were collecting in the first place.

This would permit corporations to install ANY SPYWARE  THEY WANT on ANY computer… and this software could attack any program or data it deemed to be in breech of DRM.

And, you have no say in it.

Remember what happened to all those Kindle users, who woke up one day and found books they legally purchased deleted, because somewhere higher up the chain, people were bickering about digital rights?

Well, this would become the norm:  anyone who had any claim to a copyright could install software on your computer – without you even knowing about it – and if this found anything it considered breeched its DRM, it would delete it.  Even if you bought it legally.  Because if there were any dispute anywhere along the line, their ability to delete ‘the content’ would be supreme.  Really.

Is this reasonable?

Is this the fair balance of rights?

And if you don’t think this is happening already, you are wrong!

Even Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, warns of the impact these changes would have to the privacy rights of Canadian citizens:

Technological advances hold out the promise of greater convenience, but sometimes at a cost to human rights such as privacy and the ability to control our personal information.

Meanwhile, governments and businesses have a seemingly insatiable appetite for personal information.

Governments appear to believe – mistakenly, I would argue – that the key to national security and public safety is collecting mountains of personal data. Privacy often receives short shrift as new anti-terrorism and law enforcement initiatives are rolled out.

Personal information has also become a hot commodity in the private sector. Our names, addresses, purchases, interests, likes and dislikes are recorded, analysed and stored – all so companies can sell us more products and services.

Adding to our concerns is the fact many businesses fail to adequately protect this sensitive information – leaving it vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves.

And if you thought THAT was not enough….

This idea has been ‘rumbling about’ for a few months, but recently received publicity when Eugene Kasparsky openly stated that each internet user should have an internet passport.  This would, presumably, document their every click and keystroke, which could then be monitored through increased internet regulation.  I dare reach this conclusion because Mr. Kasparsky also said that there must be no anonymity on the internet, and any country which refuses to regulate and monitor its citizens should be cut off the net.

Oh, and this should all be enforced by ‘internet police’!

I’d like to change the design of the Internet by introducing regulation—Internet passports, Internet police, and international agreement—about following Internet standards. – Eugene Kaspersky,
CEO of Russia’s Kaspersky Lab

OK – this idea is radical now.  You may shake your head and say this will never be possible.

But, 40 years ago, did anyone think that, once accused, the ‘truth’ could not be used as ‘defense’?