SpaceX had a successful launch

There is a Dragon flying around the Eath – Dragon spacecraft that is!

It was brought up by the successful launch of the Falcon 9 rocket at 3:45 am today, 22nd of May, 2012.  (Yes, I watched the livestreaming video…).

From SpaceX’s website:

‘Broadcast quality videos, including video inside of the SpaceX factory, may be downloaded at and high-resolution photos are posted at’


Roughly 12 minutes into the flight, it reached orbit and the solar panel arrays had succesfully deployed.  With the aid of the Canadarm, it will deliver supplies to the International Space Station.

Finally, a new chapter into the exploration of space has been opened:  private enterrise, not governments, will pave the road to our future.  So, it might actually work this time…

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