How our kids can become radicalized to the point of murdering innocents…

Before the identity of the Boston Bombers was revealed, carried an article titled “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

Well, what do you know – they got their wish!

One of the brothers is indeed an American citizen and both are about as Caucasian as you can get, in fact…  They are both devout Muslims, too!

Which just goes to unmask the ‘soft racism’ inherent in the ‘leftists’ own claim that to criticize the actions of some Muslims is a form of racism…  The colour of one’s skin does not determine a person’s belief system.

Aside:  I wrote earlier that a Saudi national, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, was under police detention in a Boston hospital, first as a suspect and then as a ‘person of interest’.  Then, after Obama held an unscheduled meeting with the Sudi Foreign Minister, we found out that Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was only a few days away from being deported to Saudi Arabia because of national security concerns…due to his ties to terrorism.

While in our society, each one of us is free to determine their own path in life, in tribal cultures like Saudi Arabia, the clan one is born into have a huge influence (and place limitations) on their life choices.  And the Al-Harbi clan has close ties to Al-Qaida – and many of his clansmen are currently being held in Gitmo… He may indeed be quickly and quietly disappeared into Saudi Arabia, or, following protests over letting a suspected terrorist slip from US jurisdiction, he may remain.  We shall see…

Which still leaves us with two young men, who both appeared to be well focused on their future and with infinite potential, choosing to bomb a public event

This has left many people in the US and worldwide wondering what is happening to the young people, living in comfortable middle-class families, to radicalize them?

And it is not just in the US that this is happening.  Here, in Canada, we have just found out that 4 young men have been radicalized (some of them converting to Islam from other religious faiths) and taking up arms as jihadis.

Perhaps our life is too comfortable!

Young people – especially intelligent and ambitious young men – strive to achieve, to overcome real challenges.  And, if they don’t think the society permits them to do just that, some of them just may search out a challenge outside the bounds they perceive as being set out by society.  Perhaps…

Being an immigrant to Canada myself, my family was helped by older immigrants from our ‘neck of the woods’ (the other side of the iron curtain – the nationality seemed less important than the shared experience of having been oppressed by socialist totalitarianism).  Many of these people had kids who were born in Canada – my age, plus a bit or minus a bit.  As I watched these 2nd generation immigrants grow through their teens and early twenties, I was struck by just how many of them followed a somewhat predictable pattern:  those who were very self-conscious, perhaps somewhat insecure, and did not quite know how to integrate their parents’ ‘differentness’ with their new country’s identity – the very people who, in the larger society would be most likely to ‘rebel against their parents’ in a self-destructive manner, in order to define their own identity – these kids were the most likely to embrace the most extreme Marxist views.

Looking at immigrants who tried to escape the oppression of Sharia, their kids who would be following the same pattern I had observed would be the ones most likely to be radicalized into Islamist jihad…

Of course, my observation is anecdotal, and I am not offering it as anything more than just one hypothesis.

Other hypothesies – and probably more likely ones – are being proposed by the moderate Muslims living in North America, like Salim Mansur and Tarek Fatah, who warn us of certain mosques whose members (perhaps even imams) seek out the vulnerable youths and radicalize them.  And, yes – these mosques are funded largely from Saudi Arabia or Iran and supplied with radicalized imams/ayatollahs from abroad.  If it were not for the vigilance of our moderate Muslims sounding the alarm bells, we would not know how to look for such subversive activity.

But, this subversive activity does occur!

Here is an example from Massachusetts itself:

In Canada, this also occurs…one does not have to look further than the virulent anti-Semitism in a Calgary Mosque, as documented by BlazingCatFur:

‘TORONTO, April 17, 2013 – B’nai Brith Canada is questioning why the investigation of its complaint to the Calgary Police about a Muslim website has been shut down. The Jewish human rights organization brought the complaint earlier this week after anti-Jewish postings were brought to its attention. One posting, for example, relied on the notorious antisemitic forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” to allege a global conspiracy by the Jews to dominate the world. Another article posted stated that “Jews have deviated from the path of their religion as seen in their manners, debauchery and immorality.” Further postings have been brought to light that are equally offensive.

Highlights Of Muslims Of Calgary Hate Screeds Collection

Muslims Of Calgary: Quote Protocols Of Elders Of Zion To Prove Freemasonry A Jewish Plot

Muslims Of Calgary: Jewish Pornographers Destroy Nations By Seducing & Degrading Women

Muslims Of Calgary: Call to Jihad – The Jews Have Been The Enemies Of The Ummah Since Allah Began His Call

Muslims Of Calgary: Jews Corrupt Muslims To Steal Their Land

Calgary police are exercising ‘asymmetric’ application of justice in rejecting hate-speech claims against these rants, while non-Muslim critics of Islamic supremacism are dragged in front of the Human Rights Commissions/Tribunals.  And, it is not any better in Edmonton…  So much for Canada’s free-ist province.  The pattern is being repeater over and over again.

And, as soon as it becomes undeniable that the perpetrators of terror violence had indeed been Muslims, the Ummah unifies in cries of ‘backlash’…demonstrating just how skilled some of their numbers have become in turning aggression of some of its members into the appearance of victimhood  of all of them…

It is time we, the non-Muslims of the Western world, started to listen to Muslims like Salim Mansur and stopped giving audience to Islamists and their puppet organizations!  Perhaps then we could shut down the Mosques which DO preach hate and violence and radicalize our youth and replace them with Mosques which do not owe an allegiance to a foreign islamist regime.  This would go a long way to making not just our society safer, but to improving the rights of ALL Muslims to be as moderate as they wish in their practice of their faith!

Remember:  standing with the moderate Muslims against the Islamists is not racism, it is a positive application of freedom of religion!!!

3 Responses to “How our kids can become radicalized to the point of murdering innocents…”

  1. EatShitBigot Says:

    You’re right Xanthippa…. we need to bring back hate speech laws… but only for Muslims! Yeah freedom!

    • Mossad Says:

      As a parent of a stduent who has struggled with math for twelve years, I am looking for study aids or easier explanations of the Math 30-2 cirriculum that will help her have a clearer understanding of what she is learning.

      • xanthippa Says:

        I am not sure how to do that. I do not know what Math 30-2 curriculum is or what it encompasses.

        However, I do know that when it comes to Math, each one of us learns differently and the key to unlocking a child’s ability to ‘get’ Math at a fundamental level which will then lead to understanding and positive learning is the phrasing or ‘positioning’ of the whole field.

        Try to use music to explain Math – after all, music is just another notation of Mathematics.\

        Or, shop around for tutors/Math videos that might fit well with your child. Try Khan Academy videos – perhaps they might help!

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