Reason TV’s ‘Nanny of the Month for October 2013’: Tulsa May Ban Sex Offenders from Halloween … and Christmas

Banning people from decorating their own house!!!


3 Responses to “Reason TV’s ‘Nanny of the Month for October 2013’: Tulsa May Ban Sex Offenders from Halloween … and Christmas”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Didn’t you know? “Sex offenders” are the new witches!

    Burn them! Burn them!

    Burn them lest you be accused of being one!

    We have allowed the idea of sex offenders to get grotesquely distorted and completely out of touch with reality.

    The definition of rape is now so ridiculously widened that if a male and a female get drunk together and have consensual sex, the male is guilty of rape. And if she is under the age of consent, then he is a paedophile to boot – even if he is also a minor.

    Obviously, burning at the stake is too lenient for such a monster! After all, this is a – shudder! – sex crime, and therefore far worse than bludgeoning a person to death with a spiked club!

    Better fry the bastard, notwithstanding the fact that 40 to 70 percent of all rape accusations are false. Unless you get your statistics from feminists, who claim, of course, that none of them are false.

    And “child pornographers” are the worst of them!

    Notwithstanding the fact that teens sharing pictures of themselves with each other, and parents taking pictures of their own children, are regularly convicted on child pornography charges.

    Further, the vast majority of true child pornography is produced by intelligence agencies, which use the back doors conveniently provided by the major software vendors to place this material on the computers of individuals they have targeted.

    You think “human rights” law is designed to make the mere accusation into a punishment?

    Try being a male accused of a sex crime.

    If you are female, you have little to worry about, because the process consists primarily of identifying the male who made you do it.

    But if you are male, you will almost certainly lose your job, your friends and your family – all before the first iota of evidence is examined. And you won’t ever get them back, even if you are completely cleared of all wrongdoing.

    Being prohibited from putting up Christmas lights will be the very least of your worries.

    • xanthippa Says:


      what really, REALLY, gets me is the double standard of so many of these Cultural Marxists:

      Even a casual, encouraging touch by a teacher is construed to be ‘sexual abuse’, the teacher is stripped of their career, credentials, and their life is ruined for ever. This goes the same for a cop, a concerned neighbour – you name it.

      Innocent people are being smeared and destroyed to the point that when I was volunteering in kindergarten, the teachers would ask me to put bandaids on kids who had a boo-boo at the playground, because their ‘professional conduct guide’ forbade them to physically touch a student! Imagine – we are forced, by law, to send our children at the age of 4 and 5 – when we KNOW they need a lot of touching and hugging for their proper mental development – the law forces us to surrender them to people who are not permitted to touch them, even to render medical aid.

      That is one side.

      The other side is permitting little girls to have their clitoris cut off – and to add injury to injury, without any painkillers or medical attention afterwards. Then, when they get their period at the age of 11, they are married off to middle-aged men who can pay their family a high ‘bride price’ (or, in Newspeak, ‘dowary’) or who are influential and being related to whom her father considers beneficial to his politics.

      And to this – even here, in Canada – we turn a blind eye.

      A person can be an open pedophile, if he only claims he is a Muslim!!!

      And none of these Cultural Marxists and Feminazis will say a cross word against this type of a pedophile and in support of their victims.

      I’m sure ‘everyone’ has heard about the child prostitution ring in Ottawa where three teenage girls forced other teenage girls into prostitution. It’s been all over the news. What has not been reported ANYWHERE in the media is that this is another case of an Islamic grooming gang targeting Christian girls. I only know so because I spoke to one of the spectators and he told me that it was a Muslim John who blew the whistle on the whole thing when he realized that the very young girl he had paid to have sex with was doing it against her will.

      Good on him! Though, one has to wonder why he had paid to have sex with a minor to start off with…

      Yet, for these people, the consequences are usually nowhere near as life-destroying as for teachers who care in a good way!

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    Yes. Exactly.

    As usual, none of it has anything to do with protecting women or children.

    It’s about bringing down the white Christian hetero-patriarchy.

    As you point out, our schools have become emotionally toxic, morally bankrupt, and intellectually sterile. And the whiter, the more Christian, the more heterosexual, and the more male you are, the worse they treat you.

    But it’s not just our schools. The rot is all-pervasive: homes, hospitals, businesses … everything.

    Everywhere pride, accomplishment, trust and community exist in white Christian society, cultural Marxism sows shame, failure, suspicion and discord.

    Any excuse will do.

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