Freedom School: Political Correctness Panel

January 31st/February 1st 2014,  there was an event in Edmonton called ‘Freedom School:  Essentials of Freedom.’

One of the many excellent parts of the program was a panel on Political Correctness:  a number of speakers addressed Political Correctness in different spheres of our life and from widely differing angles.  The short little speeches were followed by a very lively Q&A.

Perhaps I am jumbling the order of speakers, but, I admit I am a little biased…  So, please forgive me that I present the last speaker first:

13 Responses to “Freedom School: Political Correctness Panel”

  1. Voice of Reason Says:

    Political correctness is just another term for being polite. Being polite is what Canadians are famous for and I dont have a problem with it.

    If you want to go around using the N word, have at it. We will see how far you don’t get in life by sounding like an ignorant ass.

  2. Allan L Says:

    I call BS Voice of Reason. Political Correctness is way more that just being polite. It is ALLOWING people to get away with things that are contrary to our way of life. When you don’t speak out against Sharia Law for instance, that’s political correctness gone mad.

    • Voice of Reason Says:

      You just spoke out on sharia law .. .I will too. I don’t want it! Don’t like it. I will never move to a place that has it.

      There, does that make you happy? Nobody stopped me. I did not insult anybody nor did I foment hatred against an identifiable group.

      Freedom baby, yeah!

      • xanthippa Says:

        Thank you!

        It is excellent that there is something we can agree on!!!

      • CodeSlinger Says:

        Voice of Reason (sic):

        You forgot to add “and I will resolutely oppose all attempts to bring it here.”

        Or did you leave that out deliberately?

  3. Connie Says:

    Excellent speech! You are a natural public speaker, and it is so enlightening to hear about your experiences in your childhood. We need to learn from history!

  4. CodeSlinger Says:

    Voice of Reason (sic):


    Political correctness is a scurrilous dogma that denigrates the white Christian hetero-patriarchy, while making it not just impolite, but downright immoral, to speak the truth about it.

    It is a sly, two-faced, passive-aggressive persecution of white Christian heterosexuals – especially men – in the name of sexual, racial, and religious tolerance and equality.

    It is the modern secular-progressive equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition, which tortured its ideological enemies to death while piously claiming it was only trying to save their souls.

    • Voice of Reason Says:

      Equivalent to the “Spanish Inquisition”? Why not just say the holocaust if you are going to be ridiculous.

      Its nothing like that. Its not an attack on white people who are religious people. Relax.

      If you are going to foment hatred against groups of people for whatever reason, you might get in trouble. If you are walking around using the N word, you are not going to get far in life. You are going limit your price of your skills in the market place because you will sound like a neanderthal, low IQ, uneducated very mean person.

      • xanthippa Says:

        I agree that the marketplace of ideas ought to reign.

        For example – I will fight to my last breath for women to have the legal right not to host an unwanted fetus: but, I loathe those who have chosen to abort their babies so much that I have stopped all social ties with people whom I have found out have chosen to exercise this right. It is their right to do so, and it is my right to ostracize them for the choice they made.

        No need for the courts/laws to get involved!!!

        People must be permitted to make choices – and live with the consequences thereof.

  5. CodeSlinger Says:

    Voice of Reason (sic):

    Thank you for proving my point.

    The very fact – that political correctness reduces white people to pathetic, mewling circumlocutions like “the N-word”, while black people use words like “nigger” and “cracker” with arrogant impunity – proves exactly who are the real targets racial discrimination in modern politically correct society.

    And therefore the comparison to the Inquisition was anything but ridiculous.

    The Inquisitors were enforcers of religious correctness – which differs from political correctness only in matters of detail.

    The one was rooted in religious dogma, and the other is rooted in secular dogma.

    The one made blatant use of physical torture, and the other is more partial to psychological torture.

    But both are nothing more than vile, cowardly, two-faced attacks on ideological enemies.

  6. juggernaut Says:

    you’re very good at public speaking.

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