John Whitehead – A Government Of Wolves

To Serve, Protect and Terrorize

The war on drugs is not the only time we keep seeing random, but deadly, violence from cops against civilians.

And if you thought a woman who reports a sexual assault and is immediately arrested (with a judge looking on, nonetheless) could only happen in a Middle Eastern, Sharia ruled country, think again.  This one happened in Clark County Family Court – that is, Las Vegas.

And, of course, not to stay behind, the Toronto Police oblige with a shooting of a kid on a bus

If you listen carefully, you can hear what appears to be a Taser deployed long after the kid was shot 9 times.  Because, even without a gun and with 9 bullets in him, the kid still posed deadly threat to the 11 officers on scene.

By the way – have you read A Clockwork Orange lately?  Remember Little Alex’s buddy’s choice of employment?  I never guessed this was a prophecy…