To Serve, Protect and Terrorize

The war on drugs is not the only time we keep seeing random, but deadly, violence from cops against civilians.

And if you thought a woman who reports a sexual assault and is immediately arrested (with a judge looking on, nonetheless) could only happen in a Middle Eastern, Sharia ruled country, think again.  This one happened in Clark County Family Court – that is, Las Vegas.

And, of course, not to stay behind, the Toronto Police oblige with a shooting of a kid on a bus

If you listen carefully, you can hear what appears to be a Taser deployed long after the kid was shot 9 times.  Because, even without a gun and with 9 bullets in him, the kid still posed deadly threat to the 11 officers on scene.

By the way – have you read A Clockwork Orange lately?  Remember Little Alex’s buddy’s choice of employment?  I never guessed this was a prophecy…


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