Islamist Khaled Mouammar got to select Canada’s immigrants

In today’s National Post, John Ivison has an interesting piece of information:

It’s well known that the president of the Canadian Arab Federation recently called Jason Kenney, the Minister of Immigration, a “professional whore” for supporting Israel and criticizing the presence of Hamas and Hezbollah flags at a recent protest, prompting Mr. Kenney to say he would review the CAF’s federal funding.

But it is less well known that Mr. Mouammar spent the 11 years prior to February, 2005, sitting as a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board, deciding whether refugee claimants from such North African countries as Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and Somalia should be allowed to stay in Canada.

Is this true?

If so, we are in deeper trouble than we realized.  I’d like to write more right now, but – I am speechless!!!

(P.S. – ‘Islamist’ does not equal ‘Muslim’. Mr. Mouammar may be an ‘Orthodox Christian’, yet he supports and actively works to promote the interests of militant, political interpretation of Islam:  that makes him an Islamist.)

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5 Responses to “Islamist Khaled Mouammar got to select Canada’s immigrants”

  1. Robert Says:

    Scary but not all that surprising. I do take issue with your restriction Islamist. Mainstream Islam is Islamist by definition. The only way to be non-Islamist is to be a secular Muslim. All branches of Islam teach subjugation, conversion or death for all non-Muslims.

    Xanthippa says:
    Your point is well taken! I should have phrased that more clearly: my intent was to explain that one does not necessarily need to be a Muslim in order to be an Islamist. Thanks for pointing it out, so I could clarify.

  2. Fred2 Says:

    Yes a pretty typical window into the immigration & refugee racket.

  3. Haakon01 Says:

    I guess that it is true. From IBM to Immigration Review Board to the Canadian Arab Federation….

  4. Haakon01 Says:

    And I guess old news. An interesting story, with lots of fun details from 2005 by Steve Janke.

  5. Steynian 334 « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    […] ISLAMIST KHALED MOUAMMAR got to select Canada’s immigrants …. […]

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