Paying respects to Constable Czapnik…

Today is the funeral for Constable Eric Czapnik, an Ottawa police officer slain in the line of duty.

A sad and solemn procession, longer than the 2.3 km long route of the procession, makes its way from Carleton University to the Civic Centre on this chilly Ottawa day.

It was just one of those things…

Officer Czapnik was killed just outside the emergency room of the Civic campus of the Ottawa hospital – by another cop.  But, this RCMP police officer was not on active duty, following surgery for multiple brain tumors.  I doubt that this sort of thing can ever really be prevented!

The paramedics ran out to help Constable Czapnik, subdued and held the attacker while other paramedics fought to save the officer’s life.  Now, the Members 0f the Paramedic Services and  the Firefighters stand along side the members of Police, from all over North America, to send him of.

It’s times like these that we are reminded just how lucky we are…

Sincere condolences to his family.

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