Will Ontario Conservatives loose a second election on the same issue that lost them the last one?

Four years ago, Ontario Conservatives were hopeful:  after the inept mismanagement and corruption of the McGuinty regime, it seemed that a Conservative majority was assured.

Until, of course, then Conservative leader John Tory snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!  The issue that crashed the Conservatives was Tory’s promise of public funding of religious schools.  His assertion then was that  funding faith-based schools is the only way to regulate them.


He actually stood up and said this – and did not see what was wrong with this thinking.

For obvious reasons, this single stance by the Conservatives brought us another 4 years of McGuinty.  And, during this 4 year term, Mc.Guinty expanded religion in publicly funded schools; both Catholic and Public (which are ostensibly secular). Now, we see sectarian and gender segregation in tax-payer funded schools in oder for clerics to instruct the students and lead them in prayer.

And no wonder – McGuinty is sleeping with an activist for religious schools!  Quite literally – he is married to her…

But, surely, the Ontario Conservatives have learned from this, no?

They have a spanking new leader, Tim Hudak, whose parents are said to be teachers:  between that and the Tory disaster last election, surely Hudak will not be so stupid as to run on a platform of taxpayer-funded faith-based education, right?

May be, may be not…  According to this interview by Brian Lilley, it is not so certain.