Paying respects to Michael S. Hart

Yesterday marks the passing of Michael S. Hart.

His is not a household name, but he has made one of the most important cultual changes in our lifetime possible:  he invented eBooks and headed up the Gutenberg project.  In this way, he made culture and education accessible more universally than anyone since, well, Gutenberg.

Just giving credit where credit is due…

And another voice from Europe…

As we, here in Ontario, ramp up for our Provincial election, it is important that we keep up with what is happening in other parts of the world.

And what other place to compare the corruption of the McGuinty legacy with than that wonderful socialist dystopia – the EU (don’t worry – they switch from Croatian to English when the charismatic Mr. Nigel Farage begins to speak:

(Don’t forget – the Lisbon treaty decriminilizes pedophelia and makes discriminating against pedophiles illegal..)

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