‘Backscatter Vans’ produce unsafe x-ray levels

If you still had any doubt, SlashDot has a nice, short blurb with links in it confirming they are not the best thing for your health.

Not sure what ‘Backscatter Vans’ are?

They are vans equipped with backscatter x-ray machines which the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has been driving up and down the streets, especially in urban centres, scanning all the people in the viscinity – without their consent or even knowledge.  (Yes – just imagine the nightmare scenario:  a woman, in the early weeks of pregnancy, stops innocently nearby one of these unmarked surveilance vehicles and has her baby’s DNA scrambled…)  This has been happening for quite some time – quetly, but definitely.

Now, through FOIA, there is confirmation that these machines produce x-rays at levels that are unsafe for humans.

But, don’t worry – since they are classified as covert operations machines, they do not need to adhere to them old-fashioned safety standards!