Ontario Freedom Party – looking better by the minute

While our southern neighbours keep wondering if their votes count as they think they count, here, in Ontario, it is getting harder and harder to figure out where to park one’s vote in the quickly upcoming election.

The Liberals are corrupt and Dalton McGuinty will only say something that’s true by accident.

The Conservatives seem hell bent on bringing in publicly funded faith-based schools (that means religious apartheid in schools, in case you missed it) – the very issue on which the Conservatives crashed and burned during the last election.

The NDP wants to finish the job of bankrupting Ontario that McGuinty has so effectively started:  on a per capita basis, Ontario – the one-time industrial engine of Canada – is now worse off than California.  The NDP’s cure – spend more!!!

The Pirate Party – despite its drawbacks,  a party  which would push for a balance in consumer electronic rights – is not in the race.

The Family Coalition Party  wants to legislate morality – not a sound principle, even were you to agree with their morals completely.

The role for Libertarians is to be a voice of reason – not to govern.

The Greens – yeah, pull the other one.  People naive enough to get suckered in by the ACC hysteria are not stable enough to deserve anyone’s vote.

Then I saw these TV ads:

Perhaps I’m going to look at this Freedom Party a little closer.

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