A few thoughts about a ‘two-state solution’

Tomorrow, Palestinian representatives will speak at the UN in order to seek recognition of themselves as a state.

I’ll be extremely blunt about this:  the Palestinian {founding document, whatever the accurate term is, of its ruling body} states unequivocally that it seeks a military destruction of Israel.

Israel is a member state of the UN.  (Why, I really don’t know – goodness knows they are the UN’s favourite whipping boy…)

It is surreal that the UN would entertain a speech – much less seriously consider for membership – a ‘state’ whose duly elected government’s openly stated goal is the military destruction of one of its own members!!!

I cannot express just how ridiculous this is.

(And no – I am not indifferent to the suffering of the Palestinian children, I just think that Jordan is the one to blame, not Israel, as it was Jordan who confiscated much of the land dedicated to the creation of Palestine and then kicked the Arabs who now self-identify as ‘Palestinians’ out and denied them citizenship rights. So, let’s not go down that particular proverbial garden path…)

Anyhow, while thinking about this, I came across this fascinating post about a ‘two-state solution’.  Enjoy.

Oh my god…

Well, well, well…

When, for once, a ‘man of God’ finally runs afoul of the police in Ottawa for a reason other than diddling little children, Toronto steps in to fill the void

This just goes to show that no adult that claims to represent or carry authority from God should ever, EVER be let near children!

Power corrupts.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We should not act continuously surprised that the people who actually believe they represent the most absolutest power possible (and may be even more absolute, as some believe) are necessarily the most absolutely corrupt human beings!