Hey – September 14th was ‘Climate Parody Day’!

Sorry – I did not realize that September 14th was ‘Climate Parody Day’!!!

If I had, I would have done something, like, witty…or something…

Perhaps a cartoon of Al Gore in a turban shaped like an ‘oveheating Earth’ or David Suzuki holding the IPCC report (any version – they are all corrupt) and threatening to burn (or behead) any heretic who does not treat it with sufficient reverence….

I guess you’ll have to pop over to The Reference Frame to read up on today’s festivities!

Of course, for a daily dose of climate skepticism, you can head over to Donna Laframboise’s ‘NoFrakkingConsensus’.  (Her book on the topic will be ready soon!)


Which constitutional article was that?

This lunatic is, unfortunately, a voice of influence in parts of the Arab world.  Here, he claims – with a straight face – that America’s founding fathers tried to introduce an article to the US Constitution to ban Jews from US land.


Of course, there are other voices, too – they just get drowned out much of the time.

Which is a shame – these following people do make sense:

And there are Imams who do condemn violence in their sermons – yet they do not always find a receptive audience.  This makes it so much more important that we speak up about them and help their voices be heard.

24-hour Online Fundraiser for MSF: 17-18 Sept., 2011

Doctors without borders – MSF – do a lot of good work.

A community of YouTubers is holding its 3rd annual fundraiser for MSF, live on the internet, 17th to 18th of September, 2011.

Here are 2 of the YouTube videos that explain this event: