Nothing justifies torture!

I may disagree to the core of my being with that this Marxist believes and says, but, nothing justifies his torture – ever!!!

Remember, the end does not justify the means:  the means define the end!

‘”It was hell on earth,” Kaileh told The Associated Press on Sunday, nearly a week after Syrian forces released him and deported him to Jordan. Speaking at his friend’s home in an Amman suburb, Kaileh had bluish-red bruises on his legs, which he said were the result of beatings with wooden batons that were studded with pins and nails.

“I felt I was going to die under the brutal, savage and continuous beating of the interrogators, who tied me to ropes hung from the ceiling,” said Kaileh, a soft-spoken man with a shock of white hair who appeared frail, barely able to stand on his feet.’

Which is why freedom of speech must be one of the ‘absolutes’ we fight for – and why ‘anonymous speech’ is the most sacred form of free speech!!!

One Response to “Nothing justifies torture!”

  1. derek Says:

    Torture rarely works. People who are being tortured simply spout out wishfully inaccurate information to avoid being hurt, because in the end, if they don’t say anything out of the ordinary, they will be hurt.

    In the end, yes torture leads to some accurate information, but a ton of false information said under pressure to remain alive.

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