What Life Will Be Like for Women Under Sharia Law

OK – somewhat simplified, but not to the point of error:

And, that is the real problem:  not Islam, but Sharia.

Sharia is the ‘Islamic jurisprudence’ as divined by a bunch of religious nuts in the 4-6 centuries following when Muhammad is supposed to have lived.  It is based not just on the Koran, but also on the cultural precepts of Arabs, particularly Bedouins, of this time period and their centuries-old, handed down traditions about what Muhammad’s life and world-view were like.


Centuries removed from the source.

Until Sharia was codified,  Islam enjoyed what is popularly touted as its greatest period of culture and thought – you know, the bits where they brought the Indian numerals to European mathematics and preserved ancient knowledge from the roaming religious fanatics of both the Christian and Islamic kind….

Once Sharia became codified – the flowering of Islam was over.

Until Sharia is rejected as the un-Islamic construct of manipulation centuries out of touch with anything Koranic,  Islam will remain as oppressive and totalitarian in practice as it is today.

Let’s hope Sharia will be (universally) rejected soon so that Islam can, once again, be practiced without fear.

H/T:  BlazingCatFur

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