Mormon Temple: Baptisms for the Dead (made w/ hidden camera)

I do not know if this video is what it says it is, but, I have heard of the Mormon practice of ‘baptizing’ people long dead in order to make them members of the Mormon Church – even if only posthumously.

Creepy in the extreme!

A gratuitously personal post

I am the first person to admit that my brain is not ‘wired’ in the neuro-typical way.

The more  l learn about other people, the more I realize just how atypical my thinking processes are.

Which is a bit of a self-conscious segway into my post…which is all abouot the excitement of finding a ‘lost’ song…

When I was ‘an itty-bitty-baby’, my parents used to listen to ‘their’ music:  and, being political dissidents from the ‘other’ side of the ‘iron curtain’, this naturally included a few records they had managed to get in English.

(And, yes – growing up, I saw many performers who would do ‘yodling’ and ‘stepdancing’ together in one musical piece because they both typified ‘Western culture’ and were thus part of ‘the same culture’…ok, let me re-focus…)

In other words, the ‘classification norms’ I grew up with were ‘slightly’ different from the ‘North-American-perspective’!

But, that is not my point – at least, not now:  now, my point is that my parents had acquired a few records in English, back when I was an itty-bitty-baby who did not speak a word of English – and they used to listen to them.

Before I had learned to speak any English whatsoever, that is.

And, I, too, would listen.

Over and over and over…

As a matter of fact, there were a few songs that I picked out that I liked and I would play them – even though I was forbidden to use the record-player by myself -1 song at a time, over and over and over…when my parents weren’t home!

I had no clue what the words said, but I memorized the sound of them and tried to reproduce it…and, I’m afraid, it was as dismal a lingustic failure as I was a musical one (as I am almot completely tonedeaf).

But, I did not give up!

I kept the memory of the sound of those songs deep in my brain…including the sond that the ‘foreign’ singing would encompass.

Fast forward a few decades:  I now live in an English-speaking country and can, most of the time, pass for an Anglophone who might speak a littlepeculiarly…but an anglophone nonetheless.

The point is – I remembered the song and re-played it enough times from my memory – once I had learned English – to make ‘some’  sense of the sounds!

OK – except for a tiny little bit – I had made complete sense of these sounds!!!

And, being a new parent, I reverted to my parent’s patterns and tried to sing to my babies the lulabyes I had recalled from my own early childhood – including the ones that were in English!

I had separated the sounds into words, understood their meaning (in time), and filled-in-the-blanks as I needed to…and then sang them as a lullaby to both my ‘surviving’ sons…

A few weeks ago, I actually thought of searching for that song on YouTube…

OK, I should have thought of it before…it seems so obvious now – but I did not really trust my recollections…

…still, I found it!!!!

‘when those cotton balls

get rotten, you can’t pick

very much cotton….’

I freely admit I remembered the song lyrics as:

‘when them cotton fields

get ripened, you can see

very much cotton…’

But – that is the only divergence from the lyrics!!!

I mean – we are talking decades and re-playing the sounds in a language I did not know until years later!

That is pretty cool – is it not?

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ

This is not the first study – but a follow up one that confirms earlier findings:

‘A recently published Harvard University meta-analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has concluded that children who live in areas with highly fluoridated water have “significantly lower” IQ scores than those who live in low fluoride areas.’

It’s not the only problem with fluoride – it has also been demonstrated to cause childhood bone cancer.  (That is why, ever so quietly, fluoride was removed from children’s toothpaste…)

And, perhaps most ironic finding of them all is that too much flouride actually increases – yes, increases – the probability of getting cavities!

Yes – you read correctly:  a little bit of fluoride reduces the incidence of cavities – but more than a little bit, and the cavities are more frequent than they would have been with no fluoride at all!  Plus, you get all the side-effects…

Of course, fluoride is also used as prescription medication to reduce the function of the thyroid – making people more tired, sluggish, fat and, yes, apathetic…

Now, we can add ‘making us dumber’ to the list of side effects this government-enforced medication-in-the-water scheme is causing….it sounds like ‘the government is putting poison in my coffee’ line is not ‘Paranoia’ after all!!!

Michael Geist: CETA Update, Part Two: ACTA Provisions Are Still Very Much Alive

Michael Geist warns that despite its rejection, ACTA provisions are still very much alive and may be imposed through other mechanisms…

Reason TV: What We Saw at the Solidarity Concert for Pussy Riot


A New Species Discovered – on Flickr…

An entomologist was looking at some bug pictures on Flickr – and realized that he was looking at a previously unclassified species!

‘The new species was dubbed Semachrysa jade — not after its pale green color, but after Winterton’s daughter. It was introduced to the world in the latest issue of ZooKeys, a scientific journal focused on biodiversity. In keeping with the digital nature of their discovery, Winterton, Guek and Brooks wrote the paper from three different continents using a Google document.

The moral of the story? The world is full of potential naturalists, Winterton says. More and more people using high-quality cameras that capture the kind of detail scientists need for identification, and they are sharing these photos online.’


Relativity Part 4: Curved Spacetime

Lilley & Robson: Evil always accompanies anti-Semitism

And – they are right!

Anti-Semitism tends to accopmany the worst sentiments in human history.

Let’s not kid ourselves…


These boots are made for riding…

…you know, like horse-riding…

…sort of like ‘cowboys’ do…

…so it is not really all that far-fetched to call them ‘cowboy boots’!

I’m just sayin’…

A little over a year ago, I reported on a lawsuit brought by Dr. Dawg against some fine people.  If you’d like to read the details, they are here, here and here.

However, that is not the bit I am blogging about now.

Rather, it goes to credibility.

Specifically, my credibility in reporting on these events.

As part of my reporting efforts, I had described how the plaintiff, Dr. Dawg, was dressed for court:

I was curious to see John Baglow – having never laid eyes on him before.  He wore a crisp blue shirt (curiously evocative of ‘the working class’ and of ‘cowboys’ at the same time) with aviator-style sun-glasses in place of a tie, dark pants and cute black cowboy boots with the most adorable little metal trimmings.  In his hands, he held a summer-weight (possibly straw), white, fedora-type hat.  His whitish-gray mustache matched his hair and I could read nothing from the neutral expression on his face.  John Baglow, the man, remained a closed book to me.

Many people picked up on the highlighted bit (highlighted for the purposes of this post, not from before).  Dr. Dawg had attempted to cast doubt on the veracity of my reporting by stating:

‘I don’t wear cowboy boots!’

The implication was that if I could not even report accurately what he was wearing, I could not be trusted to report on the rest of the events…

I must admit, I did not know how to deal with this – so I ignored it.

Until now.

Because thanks to a tip from a friend, I came across this picture, posted by Mr. Pup-In-Boots himself!

(Sorry the screenshot is fuzzy – I simply included it for its news-worthiness and to demonstrate it existed should it become ‘dissapeared’. The resolution is much better in the picture on his site – you can even make out the adorable silver-tone metal trimmings!

Wearing the very footwear I had described him wearing to court…

…while riding a horse (or, perhaps, a pony – I am no equestrian expert)…

…like cowboys do..


UPDATE:  Dr. Dawg was kind enough to supply the model of the boots themselves.

Reason TV: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on The Moral Case for Capitalism