Gratuitous beach-bunny photos…


I am back from my holidays!

Recharged by being in an internet-free bubble (with a few short exceptions, on which I will elaborate son enough) for a bit – which really is the only way to force me to ‘relax’….

But, before I get back to ‘serious’ blogging (if what I do can be called that), here are some gratuitous ‘beach-bunny’ photos:






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5 Responses to “Gratuitous beach-bunny photos…”

  1. Blazingcatfur Says:

    That your bunny?

    Xanthippa says:


    Well, officially, he’s my son’s bunny.

    He is an English Spot – an old British breed that was always a ‘companion rabbit’ breed and not a ‘food rabbit’ breed.

    His name is Hip Hop – because he is hip, and he hops…

    He also has a thing for girl squirrels and tries to herd them into the house – but he chases the boy squirrels away. Much more effectively than the dog does…

    Oh, and his hobby is dominating small dogs.

  2. derek Says:

    welcome back, xan!

    Xan says:

    Thank you!

    It’ll take me a few days to get up to speed, but I am back!

  3. derek Says:

    so where were you?

    Xan says:

    Every year, we rent a cottage in Quebec, pretty much straight North of here. It takes us more than 3 hours to drive there and the nearest town (with internet and proper grocery stores) is an hour’s drive away… The place we rent is wery secluded because it is neighbouring Native Indian reservation land.

    Do you remember the huge elsectrical blackout in most of North American Northeast a few years back?

    We missed it!

    Up at the cottage, there were no newspapers, we could not get any English radio – so we did’t even listen (I can read French, but have very low verbal comprehension), there were no phones (no land line and the hills prevented cell coverage), and don’t even talk about TV or internet! It is a bit of a forced unplugging for us internet and news junkies!

    We did not even hear about it until we returned home, days later, and found our apartment-dwelling friends in our backyard, borrowing our BBQ to cook the food that had thawed in their freezers during the power outage – that is how isolated that little pocket of paradise is!

    This year was also a little different…we went to my Mom’s for lunch, she was excited, didn’t have her glasses, ran to see us and missed the stairs. Horrified, we could only watch as she plunged down and landed with a dull thud. The fracture/dislocation of her shoulder was so bad that she has now undergone surgery and they had to give her an artificial shoulder joint….so, I spent a lot of time sitting around in the hospital (where they do have internet, but where it is not socially acceptable to just surf or chat because I was using the computer to keep her distracted from the pain…)

    So, yeah – fun!

    I’ll blog some of this later.

    • derek Says:

      other than the injury, it’s a really bold move to move away for a few weeks in place with no tv or internet. i think i’d relapse after 2 days haha. was it hard to adjust for the first few days?

      Xan says:

      We do bring laptops and DVDs….I like it because even though the communication with the outside world is gone, there is running water, a shower, electricity and all that. So, we are not deprived – just forced to focus on the moment!

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