A delicious interlude

If you live in Ottawa, and if you love good, fresh, food, have I got a treat for you!

Driving from Bayshore to Bell’s Corners down Richmond road, at the corner of Acres Rd., there is the old Acres House.  It is an NCC (National Capital Commission) owned property, so it is not surprising that it stood abandoned and forlorn for years, but no more.

Acres House has been re-born as ‘Veggie Trails Farms’ has moved in.  But, they are much more than just a fresh produce store – they have started their ‘patio’.

It’s only open from 11-3 on Mondays to Thursdays, it serves a roasted vegetable salad (featuring the veggies they sell) and, to showcase the fruit, the most delicious awesome Pavlova you have ever tasted!

I don’t usually ‘review food’ or ‘places to eat’, but last week, I indulged…and, I’m afraid, will indulge again!

So, if you are in Ottawa and wish to indulge – enjoy!

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