Thunderf00t: ‘Feminist logic’ Stay Safe = YOU DESERVE RAPE!


2 Responses to “Thunderf00t: ‘Feminist logic’ Stay Safe = YOU DESERVE RAPE!”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Well, well.

    Feminism flies in the face of decency and common sense.

    Who knew?

    This makes a good case study in the dialectical methods of cultural Marxism.

    Recall that the method is to apply pressure to the irreducible internal contradictions of Western culture, and not let up until something breaks.

    This is a good example of such a contradiction.

    To avoid clouding the issue with knee-jerk emotional responses, let’s see how the dialectic goes when we change only one word: let’s change “raped” to “robbed.”

    No one deserves to get robbed.

    But if I walk alone in the ghetto late at night, wearing a Valentino suit, Gucci shoes and a Rolex watch, lighting my Gurkha cigars with hundred-dollar bills and shouting “I am the one percent,” then my behaviour is most definitely tantamount to “asking for it.”

    Meaning that I am recklessly tempting fate, and deserve what I get.

    And what I will get is… robbed.

    Of course, it remains a crime to rob me, even if I am asking for it.

    So there you have the contradiction:

    No one deserves to get robbed, yet I deserve to get robbed.

    From a contradiction, one can logically derive anything at all, no matter how absurd.

    In particular, if you warn me that I’m likely to get what I’m asking for and suggest that ought to I comport myself more discreetly, I can accuse you of perpetuating a “culture of robbery.”

    Absurd as that is, it might scare you. Well, maybe not you; but likely the timid guy next to you and his timid buddies – who will then collectively shout you down. After all, if I can hang that on you, I’m one step closer to accusing you of actually being a robber. And that would be bad. Very bad.

    So, when I demand the right to wave food in a hungry man’s face while refusing to let him eat, you (or that collective of timid guys) will probably let me have my wicked way.

    Just so no one can say you support a culture of robbery.

    Can’t be too careful these days…

    Thought police are everywhere.

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