Sen. James Inhofe cites LOST anti-ratification letter from “33-star panel”

Not sure what is LOST?

‘Freedom of the Seas’ is lost, that is what…

‘Law of the Sea Treaty’ – LOST – is the set of invasive rules and regulations with which the UN has effectively replaced the ancient concept of ‘freedom of the seas’, which we have lived with for millenia.

Until now, that is.

It is hard to believe the implications of this thing, but if you read the treaty (and I have only read excerpts – it is not an easy read), it is beyond belief that any country would sign on to this lunacy!

In a nutshell, LOST is UN’s declaration that they and only they have full and unquestionable control over the world’s seas and oceans.

Any mining of any natural resources to be done in areas covered by seas – the UN must approve (and automatically owns the technology used in such mining) but also has the right to choose to develop it itself.  Yes – a mining company must present their full plans with projections to the UN which then uses that intelligence to decide to mine itself, to grant the company permission to mine (for a large royalty, of course) or deny it out of hand.

But, it goes far, far beyond that.

In the name of protecting the world seas and oceans, LOST gives the UN unconditional control over waterways that flow into seas and oceans (like, isn’t that almost all of them?).  As such, any development along rivers which might impact on the river (even hundreds of kilometers upstream) – and thus on the water flowing to the ocean – must be approved by the UN.


But, don’t take my word on it – check it out yourself. I could not possibly describe just how invasive LOST is…and, of course, we are going to see it applied incrementally, so that nobody would protest any single little tiny step along the way.

US military has, traditionally, supported LOST because it lets them use what other countries consider ‘internal water passages’ – but don’t really care about its other impacts.  That is so irresponsible as to be criminal negligence, in my never-humble-opinion…

Sorry – I’m rambling.  Here’s the video:

Is it even legal for Canada and the US to still be funding the UN?

OK – I’m a bit slow today, but…

Hamas is recognized by Canada and the USA as a terrorist organization, right?

And, unless I am mistaken, both USA and Canada have laws on the books that make it a criminal offense to support terrorist organizations, as well as it being illegal to fund terrorist organizations or those organizations that directly support terrorist organizations, yes?

But the UN, both financially and morally, supports Hamas!!!

Does this not mean that it is now illegal for Canada to hand any money over to the UN?


Leaked Documents Show the U.N.’s Internet Power Grab…

As if we needed another reason to disband – utterly discredit, send the bureaucrats/delegates home and burn the buildings down, then dance on the ashes – the UN…

I never re-publish another blog’s post in its entirety and will not start now, but Nerfherder has a post which is short, sweet and informative about this issue.  It describes what UN’s agency called the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) plans are for restricting access to the internet and gaining  huge control over its content.  Plus, it is chock full of links!

I strongly recommend reading the short post in its entirety.  Here is a bit with key links:

‘ A pair of researchers from George Mason University created a website called in the hopes that someone with access to the secretive proposals would leak them and make them available to the public.  Last Friday, that’s exactly what happened.  Someone leaked the 212-page planning document being used by governments to prepare for the December conference.  You can read it yourself here.’

We really need to start raising awareness about this.

Information is the best weapon in the preservation of freedom.

That is why the UN wants to disarm us.

We must not let them!

Claudia Rosett: UNESCO’s Influence Efforts in D.C.

An interesting speech:

So, when can we leave the UN?!?!?

That whole organization is corrupt to the core…

Time for Canada to leave the UN

I know I’ve said this before, in many ways and in many posts but it is tome for Canada to de-fund and leave the UN altogether.  Our membership in this organization filled with theocrats, dictators and other thugs lends it an unearned air of legitimacy and respectability.

Time to get out!

I’m glad that others have begun to speak up as well!


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UN has plans to ‘regulate’ the internet…

…right out of existence.

This is more than UN’s Agenda 21 which seeks to gain control over parts of nation states through bypassing their legitimate governments (and which Alabama had just banned within its borders), it is an attempt to re-shape the internet to the liking of Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Iran!

From C/net:

‘ISOC’s Sally Wentworth, senior manager of public policy for the group, warned that the proposals to be considered are not “compatible” with the current open manner in which the Internet is managed.

Vint Cerf, Google’s chief Internet evangelist, co-creator of the TCP/IP protocol, and former chairman of ICANN, said the ITU meeting could lead to “top-down control dictated by governments” that could impact free expression, security, and other important issues..

“The open Internet has never been at a higher risk than it is now,” Cerf said.’

In my never-humble-opinion, it is time to dissolve that toxic tumour upon our society also known as the United Nations!

We need a separation between the UN and Islam

We, in the West, have taken for granted that there should be a separation between The State (government) and religious organizations.  This is, in no way, a universal sentiment.

To the contrary:  throughout human history, tyrants have relied on religious control over their populace to stay in power.  In the dawns of our civilization, we had ‘priest kings’, individuals who held the reins of State and religion firmly within their grasp.  Up until quite recently, European monarchies accepted the authority of the Catholic Pope to be the Kingmaker:  these mutually supporting tyrannies effectively enslaved the population.  It was not until the development of religious plurality in Europe that these shackles were broken and the age of enlightenment and reason brought us the modern era of prosperity and freedom.

It would indeed be difficult to argue that had we not rejected the collusion of State and Religion, we would be enjoying our current standard of living.

Yet, we must never forget that separation of State and Religion is the exception, not the rule in human societies.  Even today.

Therein lies the peril in ‘world government’ schemes, like the United Nations.

Because secular governments built on the consitutional democracy principle represent a minority of human population, it would be unreasonable to expect any government which is representative of all the world to reflect this minority trend.

This is why we should not be shocked by UN’s attempts to pass anti-blasphemy laws.

Since religious control over government is the norm, not the exception, it is not surprising that religions from outside the constitutional democracies would be jockeying for control over the UN.  And, since they are the only ones in the race, it ought not be surprising that they are indeed succeeding.

Islam, of course, forms the largest ‘block’ in this effort:  it really is only a question of time before Sharia will be imposed by the UN on all its member states.

Does this sound too far fetched?

Please, consider the following:  in the latest ‘Army Day Military Parade’, the Ayatollahs in Iran paraded UN military vehicles as part of their State military equipment.

Time to leave the UN – unless it is already too late!