Are we headed for food stamps?

Hopefully not!


Canada leads the resistance to UN plans to develop and enforce ‘nutritional’ plans for each and every person on Earth.

The unspoken question, of course, is how this could possibly be enforced.  I wonder if food stamps are on their way back…

3 Responses to “Are we headed for food stamps?”

  1. letterstoadyingdream Says:

    We can enforce it by making every dictator and despot actually give the food we already send them to the people who need it rather than keep it for their own private armies and sell the rest. Oh, wait that can’t happen unless we invade them all and kill their leaders. But then the UN would make money off of bribes and wouldn’t have anyone to rape.

    The problem isn’t food the world can produce 8 times more food in a year than it needs the world needs, unobtrusive government, strict property laws and rights, simple laws that cannot be worked around and people that understand personal responsibility and are required to live up to it.

    Now yes people in countries that do have money don’t always eat well but that is a personal choice. If the UN going to come after me every time I have a second helping of bacon? Yeah, they would because it’s easier to try to yell at people in a developed country for eating an extra cheese burger than it is to do anything in the Sudan and the UN can’t make money off Darfur.

    Also the world needs to end the UN since it’s nothing but rapists, thieves, bigots and despots.

    Xan says!


    You hit the nail on the head!

    This has nothing to do with actually feeding people: this is as attempt to control the lives of those people in the world who have some semblance of control, plain and simple.

    As for the UN – if you are starting a movement to aboloish it, please, sign me up!

    • letterstoadyingdream Says:

      I’ve been for abolishing the UN for a long time, that or having them all tried and hanged for crimes against humanity.

      Xan says:
      While there are some voices like ours, we are too few and far between. What we need is to get some competent persons to start a world-wide, anti-UN movement (in parallel with a non-censorable internet-type communication system).

      How’s your schedule?

      • letterstoadyingdream Says:

        Not so good considering I have a full time job but if someone has the startup money to start the organization and the pay scale is competitive I’ll be the first one to sign up for it. Otherwise all I can really do is support that on my blog (to all 5 people that read it) and continue to tell people about it every time someone brings it up in a conversation since I have no wish to run for political office and would probably get shot if I tried.

        The problem with the internet is that there is no way to make it free from censorship in countries without laws against it since places like China can ban whatever they want because they can block access to anything they want or even shut it down because they can control the companies that run it. The only way around that would be to install wi-fi on the whole planet using satellites and make it impossible to block the signal but I don’t think there is a way to do that. Plus even if you could create an unblockable signal the country can make the receivers illegal and while you would still have black market ones it still wouldn’t give everyone access and even people with it might be caught because it would only be a matter of time before the government find a way to track their location considering data flows both ways so even if you can’t stop it (highly unlikely) you could still find the source unless the people at both ends have a lot of very expensive equipment or are only online for very short periods of time. Even if you could get around all of the different problems could you do it at a reasonable cost because it wouldn’t be cheap? Granted I’m not a computer or a network expert so maybe there is a way to do it I don’t know about or no one has thought of yet but it all sounds like a pipe dream. I agree we should have it but at the same time I don’t think it is possible in today’s world.

        Xan says:
        1st part – you are correct – that is the trouble. I do not have the necessary resources either.

        2nd part – WAY more possible. Perhaps not today, but tomorrow. The necessary technology IS being developed right now, for unrelated applications. I will write more about it when it is further along…

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