Putin vs. Obama

This link leads to two pictures, one of Putin, the other of Obama.  The pictures say it all – but the comments section is unbelievable….  The sad thing is, these people are actually serious.

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2 Responses to “Putin vs. Obama”

  1. derek Says:

    i dont understand the purpose of this haha

    Xan says:

    Well, the ‘haha’ is more of an ‘ouch’….that most of the people making comments actually think Obama’s metrosexual wimpiness is ‘better’.

    About the pictures: think in terms of raw masculine energy, because that is what alpha males (like the onew who want to be the leaders of the world) OUGHT TO project. (Lady Thatcher has the equivalent feminine version – the masculinity is brought up here not because of bigotry but because we are comparing two male subjects.)

    Political leaders need to project the type of public image that will inspire their citizens to let them be the leaders.

    OK – Putin is officially retired, so he can be given some leaway in the matter of bombast, which makes his picture more acceptable (p.r.-wise) and not ‘over-the-top’. Yet, the image he chooses to project is one of uber-masculine bravado: I am the alpha male, stick with me because I am the strongest potential protector and I am fearless.

    Obama’s choice of image is, well, wussy at best. But, it is ultra-politically-correct!!! That his handlers would expect the American public to be motivated to vote for a whipped wussy – and that based on the comments defending Obama and saying Putin is bad because he is not wearing a helmet (!!!) while praising Obama for doing so, they may be correct – well, that really does not bode well for the American people as such.

    It’s not just the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’.

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    Yes. You’re absolutely right.

    Looking at Putin, one immediately asks, “friend or foe?”

    Looking at Obama, one idly wonders, “mama’s boy or errand boy?”

    And this is the leader of the free world?

    What an embarrassment.

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