So many wrongs – and they don’t add up tp any ‘rights’

I have little liking for the #occupy folks and have said so before.


There is so much wrong in the police responses to the #occupy evictions that I don’t even know where to begin ranting.

Please, consider the following video:


First, a cop assaults a bunch of #occupiers (he uses unreasonable force against clearly non-violent people who offer no resistance, at least one of whom had to be taken to a hospital for treatment as a result of the assault), then the whole group of cops gets cowed and cowardly runs away when the mob advances on them!

The use of unreasonable force, especially against people who do not resist, is the second worst thing the cops here did.  The worst thing they did was to let themselves be run out by the mob.  A peaceful mob, but a mob none-the-less.

The lesson here?

If you are non-violent, police will assault you.  If you begin to – even just a tiny bit – look menacing, the cops will run away.

Just marvellous…

This sends a clear signal that the police are willing to neither obey nor uphold the rule of law.

Of course, we have seen this type of a response by police before:  peaceful citizens are bullied, beaten and arrested while violent law-breakers go unchallenged.  This is true from the Islamist rallies in the UK to Caledonia in Ontario and on and on.

All this type of police response will result in is that all protests will take on a violent streak, if only to protect themselves from police violence.  People will loose any vestige of trust they still have in the police,and, by extension, in the rule of law.

How can those calling the shots in the police responses not get it?

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