Cartoons of Muhammad from 100 years ago

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It tells the story of a satirical magazine published in Tbilisi a century ago, using satirical cartoons to promote women’s equality, individual rights and secularism…

How Muslim Azerbaijan had satire years before Charlie Hebdo

An Azeri woman points to a building with windows, which is a prison, while on their right is a house of Muslim women with none. Picture: Courtesy of the Azerbaijan National Library. In this cartoon, the magazine depicts a prison with windows and a house of Muslim women with none
This cartoon from 1909 had a pretty short explanation: “Pilgrimage to Hajj”. This 1909 cartoon, Pilgrimage to Hajj, had a pretty clear message
He also depicted Muhammad.
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From Religion of Peace:

What the great late Christopher Hitchens said about the last set of Muhammad cartoons

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Prescient words of wisdom…

New ‘Draw Mohammed’ subReddit is up and running!

‘Reddit – the front page of the internet’ has a new section:  DrawMohammed!!!

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UPDATE:  This subredit has now been marked ‘private’….and even though I have contributed more than one post to it myself, I no longer can get in myself.  Sorry.

I guess Obama was not bluffing: